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Leader : Ikikid
Politique d'adhésion : Ouvert
Créé le : 22 mai 2011
Description :
Agro metal, agrocore, and just simply anything agro... cuz we need a new scene born, and raised on our fertile soil of metallll.

Inspired by the tags ov:
, ,, ,
, , , , , etc,
this group is created with a purpose of building a common ground for a bunch of these bands that deem playing some sub-genre of heavy metal or hardcore music with an agricultural, goofy, primitive or just some kind of folk-ish/lo-fi touch to it, either in lyrical themes, music or complete theatrical approach...
In connections, one can find artists/bands that could be seen as an inspiration or influential in building a potential regional scene of agro metal/core/punk (such as former Yugoslav - Bosnian folk metal act Nervozni poštar, or Croatian Hali Gali Halid, Serbian turbo-metal heroes Pero Defformero, or maybe Czech agro metal warriors Vetrol etc.)
Although this is a very loose collection, may all of these come one, in a never ending pursuit of uniting rawness and heaviness with the stunning might of the rural abode and untamed landscapes. Feel free to join, share and listen to tracks, write suggestions and add new members.

First Epistle of Agro Alliance to former Yugoslav scenes in Serbian:

Za Kuku i Motiku.
Za Penetracije u Šljiviku i Na Vrhu Brda.
Za Kvltivatore koji uvek predano njive oru.
Za snaše sa sela i iz varoši koji seljane zagledaju.
Za lugare i za drvosjece, i za dabre hrabre.
Za agro barabe što vam ćerkama kradu nevinost.
Za sve koji nemaju uslove da snime normalan album.
Ova grupa je tu za vas koji bez brkova ne izlazite napolje, pa makar ih i crtali.
I za sve paore koji zvižduću Huntelara dok svršavaju u čarapu pod toplim Ćebadima.
I za moju staru koja na dušmane baca kletvu jednako vičuć:
I za sve očeve agro metala što trunu po kafanama i bircuzima, il pred kioscima sa integralnim grisinama:

Second Epistle (to all Slavic and ex-Eastern Block scenes) in English
The Rebellion has begun.
Penetrating sounds have already approached feeble hearts ov thine daughterse.
The hooke and the plowe hath risen once more to challenge the Might ov the Unjust and Corrupt Smellbearers.
May all thee warriors of metal share ye love for the Land that has been given unto us from our Elders.
May all thee metalheads headbangeth under the Sun.
And may all ye tractors never betray you on ye conquesth.
Aye, and may all of us sing unanimously - Aye Aye Agro Agro! For we shall plow our Destiny!

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