4 jan. 2011, 4h01m par Abandonia

    Welcome to 2011 you retro-lovelies! We have a wonderful new musical addition to Abandonia for you today -

    The glorious Spidol has kindly provided us with the soundtracks to both Mortal Kombat I and II! Naturally it's available via the nifty Abandonia Frequency Player so why not have a mosey on over HERE and get your fighting groove on :D
  • A very merry Chrstmas to all of you!

    24 déc. 2010, 9h16m par Abandonia

    And may your new year be filled with smiles and the promise of an awesome 2011!

    Let's have some good old 8-bit cheer :D

    The staff of Abandonia would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday and thank you for your support - we couldn't do any of this if it wasn't for you glorious retro-lovelies!
  • New Scientist, let me count the ways I love thee...

    29 oct. 2010, 16h52m par Abandonia

    Hello there you wonderful Retro-Freaks! It's been awhile since I've had time to sit down and chat with you, but awesomely today I do, and it's about something close to my heart...

    The death of print media has long been heralded as not just on the way, but right here and happening now. Despite this, there is one subscription I never let slide - New Scientist. Every week they pump out fascinating articles on a massively varied array of science themed topics. And recently they put out a little list that I think might interest you all:

    The Top Ten Science themed Pop Songs!

    Do you agree with the list? Is it the go-to definitive list of nerd music? Is there a glaring omission that makes you burn with the fury of one thousand exploding suns? Let me know!

    Have fun, and don't forget, SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE!
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra - Now for Something Completely Different

    3 sept. 2010, 2h22m par CrybKeeper

    Diablo Swing Orchestra
    The Butcher's Ballroom

    Fantastical, energy packed and epic music, is about the only way to describe 'Diablo Swing Orchestra', as there is no genre or previous musical act to compare them with. They will certainly amaze and surprise you!

    Let's give a description a go, shall we?

    'Diablo Swing Orchestra' are melodic heavy metal, with a horn section and operatic vocals, combined with spanish guitar and ballroom dance. Yet, this actually all fits together perfectly and pleasingly, like a completed 1000 piece puzzle, depicting the River Rhine on a stormy afternoon - the big picture is complete. I know, that sounds cheesy, but it is spot on accurate for a band such as Diablo Swing Orchestra and nothing else would suffice, for such a unique and trend setting band.

    Fill your musical sails with Diablo Swing and I can assure you, it won't be a disappointing trip.
  • A little moment of awesome.

    19 jui. 2010, 9h55m par Abandonia

    Wicked Games in 8bit.

    SADNES's home on the web is here
  • TheChosen's Chosen Video Game Music, Part Deux

    8 jui. 2010, 9h37m par SirJesse

    Hello hello. TheChosen here, bringing you yet another article about video game music. Last week I overheard Lulu_jane saying that someone should write some stuff on this thing, and since I did it last time, I said "Just say a word" and I got a dozen from her. So, here we are, feasting your ears yet again.

    While were at it, lets make it official then: TheChosen's Chosen Video Game Music, part 2. As I dont have any proper theme ready, lets take another approach for this: Music from video games I've been playing recently. I always play a lot of stuff on wide variety of system and category and most of the times music is noteworthy.

    We will start of with Sam & Max, the famous comic/adventure game duo. Their comeback in 2006 was the most joyous news to me and I was even more happy when I bought the whole season in one DVD. Along with awesome background music, on every six episodes there's a new noteworthy song. Sometimes short, sometimes one with several verses. The one on this article is from the 5th episode and its called "Useful to Boot".

    Well, I think they're right.

    Ever since Sonic the Hedgehog jumped into the 3D during the Dreamcast days, he tagged with a American rock band Crush 40. They've been responsible for making awesome rock music for every Sonic game after that, and this one is from Shadow the Hedgehog, "All Hail Shadow".

    The game itself? Surprisingly good. Dont believe everything they say about 3D Sonic games.

    With the newest update coming up, my interest towards Team Fortress 2 has peaked again. Game itself does not have any in-game music, apart from standard victory, domination and revenge jingles, but everytime you boot up the game you get a random song. This is one of them, and its the main theme of the game.

    The only thing fans have yet to complain about this game.

    When you think of Lucas Arts and music, you think of excellent movie-like soundtracks. That is the case with Outlaws, a western FPS that got trampled by Quake and the rest of first wave of games that use graphic cards. The soundtrack, although original, feels like its been ripped off from a some classic spagetti-western.


    If you've ever played the freeware game "Dwarf Fortress", you know how addicting the game is. Thats usually what you get when you're given huge fantasy world and tools to do pretty much whatever you want. The game only has three songs: Intro, menu music and the one that plays during the game. This is the third one, and it really sticks into your mind when you sink deeper into the dwarven world.

    They're fueled with alcohol, you're fueled with this hypnotic theme.

    When you think of Tecmo and Nintendo, you'll probably think of Ninja Gaiden. If not Ninja Gaiden, then Rygar. Rygar plays bit like Castlevania 2 and is almost as hard as Ninja Gaiden. Music-wise there's some pretty good 8-bit themes all around, especially the one at the beginning. The music and the sunrise give this game an epic start.

    (Theme at 1:34)

    The grand adventure starts here!

    One more for the road? How about The Sims? I've been playing Sims 2 recently, and for both Sims games (and maybe the third one too, cant say personally), you always remember the music that plays while you build your house or buy some furniture. The next one is from the original Sims though, because I remember it more better.

    Also plays when you remove the pool ladder and kill yet another innocent virtual life-form.

    Thats all for tonight. Unlike last time, I dont have all the songs in file forms, so you're gonna have to look them up yourself (Hint: GOOGLE!). Be sure you check out rest of the music of mentioned games as well. Join us next time when Lulu_Jane wants me to write again. I'll then write some more about my love for Nintendo. Smell ya later!
  • Wherein I make you procrastinate...

    4 mai 2010, 18h24m par Abandonia

    Hello you lovelies!

    I'd like to apologise (once again) for the slow dribble of new articles added to this little group of retro-freaks we have here.

    In fact, consider this a call to arms - if you have something you'd like to say, is a game soundtrack burning it's way into your skull and can't escape? Found an awesome new 8-bit band that you just have to share? Feel free to contact me either here or on the Abandonia Forums (my user name is Lulu_Jane) and let's get you published here! Because as always, the more the merrier.

    In the meantime though, let me waste your working hours with these two little tidbits...

    First up, I'd like to share with you these wonderful Nintendo and Sega remixes by the RAC agency. Perfect to get your nostalgic toes tapping and wanting more.

    you'll find the download and webplayer HERE

    Secondly, let me send you into the pit of procrastination with this little quiz, don't say you weren't warned...
    SAMPLA The Video and Music Game Quiz

    And finally, to our new members, if you're not yet a member on the Abandonia Forums, come by and say hello sometime, we're a friendly bunch!
  • Chosen music from Video Games

    30 mars 2010, 16h06m par Abandonia

    Good day people. Im TheChosen and Im here to bring you up a LastFM journal entry for today, as per request by Lulu_jane. Probably will write more, probably not. Who knows.

    In any case, I'd like to bring up some video game related music, with a theme. Todays we will be looking into some calm, soothing video game music. Probably a bit moving too, as couple of them come from tear-jerker moments.

    NOTE: this will be in a "wide variety of formats", meaning that there's not just Dos-gaming related music. Im not taking any complains from over-zealous dosbox humping fanboys, so you have been warned.

    So, lets get this shown on a road! We'll start off with a Sega's arcade classic, Out run, a "driving game" where you go through the country on a Ferrari. The game is well-known for its songs like the Magical Sound Shower, but for todays theme, were gonna play the "Game-over song", called "Last Wave".

    And with our Ferrari we go to the magical world of Spielburg, the location of the events of the first Quest For Glory game (Or Hero's Quest). From there on we head straight to the Erana's magical garden and listen to the original version of "Erana's Peace".

    Keeping in with the fantasy genre, or rather sub-fantasy, we move into next game which is one of my all-time favorite, Final Fantasy 7. Of course, Final Fantasy series itself is very well-known for its excellent music, and considering our theme its like a huge music fodder. But since its 7, where gonna take that theme from that one scene that made lot of players cry. This is Aeris's (or Aerith's) Theme.

    To be honest, I didnt actually cry the first time when that one scene happened.

    Speaking of popular Playstation titles, we move on to another one of my favorite games, Metal Gear Solid. This is a game that made me cry. Twice. And both times this song, "Enclosure", was played on the background.


    Our next song is from a slightly obscure Amiga shmup, Agony. Its a game were you control an owl and shoot weird things. Its not really that great, but it has excellent graphics and soundtrack (Not surprising considering its an Amiga game). The next song is from the games intro.

    And for our final game, we go back to fantasy. Secret of Mana is another excellent RPG from Squaresoft, but was sadly overshadowed by the franchise I mentioned two games ago. There's lot of great music in this title, but the one Im going to show you is called "Spirit of the Night".

    And thats all from tonight. As a bonus for checking this article out, Im giving a download link to a rar file which has all the songs I mentioned. Hope you'l like it. Im TheChosen, and Im done for now. Goodnight people!

    (Bonus song from Secret of Mana: I closed my Eyes. Also known as "Goodnight")

    Download link:

    25 fév. 2010, 13h12m par Abandonia

    Hello there you lovelies!

    Now, if you've been living under a rock during the last few months, you would probably be unaware that Bioshock 2 was released. I have never played the original, so I'm probably unqualified to comment on how this one stacked up, but one thing that definitely stood out about it was the soundtrack.

    The playlist reads like a who's-who of early to mid 20th Century performers:

    * The Boogie Man - Todd Rollins & his Orchestra
    * How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? - Patti Page
    * 20th Century Blues - Noel Coward
    * Nightmare - Artie Shaw & His New Music
    * Daddy, Won't You Please Come Home? - Annette Hanshaw
    * Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition - Kay Kyser & His Orchestra
    * Dawn of a New Day - Horace Heidt & His Music Knights
    * Night and Day - Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra
    * My Heart Belongs To Daddy - Eddie Duchin & His Orchestra
    * Chasing Shadows - Quintette of the Hot Club of France
    * Jitterbug Waltz - Fats Waller & His Rhythm
    * I Cover The Waterfront - Connie Boswell
    * Mental Strain At Dawn - Jack Purvis, trumpet solo, with rhythm accompaniment
    * Bei Mir Bist Du Schon - Benny Goodman & His Orchestra, vocal by Martha Tilton
    * The Trouble With Me is You - Red McKenzie
    * The Skeleton In The Closet - Putney Dandridge
    * We Saw The Sea - Fred Astaire
    * La Mer - Django Reinhardt
    * Nobody Knows You (When You're Down and Out) - Bessie Smith

    Now if I went through this list individually we'd be here until the end of time (if you look at my music tastes you can probably see why I'd be happy to wax lyrical about these songs and musicians.) So I thought I'd pick out a few of these songs and have a look at some of the other versions that have been made over time.

    So slip into your favourite lounge suit or party frock, pour yourself a cocktail and let's enjoy!

    My Heart Belongs To Daddy
    As heard in Bioshock 2. This is one of Cole Porter's great songs (although picking his greatest would be impossible.) It originally comes from his 1938 musical Leave it to Me! and is one of those songs that can be massively re-interpreted depending on the personality of the singer. My favourite interpretation would have to be that of the incomparable Eartha Kitt -

    Nobody Knows You (When You're Down And Out)
    As heard in Bioshock 2. This song is a blues standard from 1923, written by Jimmy Cox. It has been re-recorded countless times by countless artists since then. Here are two versions by two amazing performers -

    Eric Clapton

    Janis Joplin

    Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
    As heard in Bioshock 2. This song has a slightly strange history. Originally written for a Yiddish musical I Would If I Could. The show did not do well and closed after one season, the rights to this song ended up being sold on for a pittance. Over time the song became popular with English lyrics although it kept its Yiddish title (which means, To Me You Are Beautiful) however, it's also appeared with garbled German titles occasionally. And now, who better to show us an alternate version than the incredible Ella Fitzgerald?

    So now you're in a 20th Century kind of mood, why not try the following games?

    *Cruise For A Corpse lands you in 1927 with an Agatha Christie type murder to solve.

    *King Of Chicago lets you experience the highs and lows that Nobody Knows You (When You're Down and Out) talks about. Rise to the top of the mob in prohibition era Chicago!

    Also, just a quick note, don't forget that over the last few weeks we've been adding a massive amount of new extras (box shots, manuals, music) to Abandonia, so come and have a dig around :D
  • It's All Sweetness and Light

    19 jan. 2010, 12h05m par Abandonia

    Hi there you lovelies!

    We've had quite a lot of metal updates over the past few months, so I decided it was time to switch gears for a little while. It's time to get comfortable, lean back and let me introduce you to The Little Stevies.

    The Little Stevies come from Melbourne, Australia. They use wonderfully wisftul and melodic three part harmonies combined with a folky style all wrapped up in a unique Aussie point of view. After listening to a few of their songs I promise you that you'll feel exactly like you're sitting out on the verandah, sipping lemonade and watching the warm summer sun setting on the horizon.

    They're yet to have a large web presence but you can find their official home on the internet here -

    So without further babbling from me, enjoy :)

    Dink You*

    *For you non-Australian's out there, dinking is when your friend sits on the handlebars of your bike and you take them for a ride ;)

    Making My Sweetheart Smile


    So now we're in a warm sunshine-y mood, let's play some games that remind us of lovely things and childlike times!

    Mixed Up Fairy Tales
    Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise
    Pepper's Adventure's in Time

    That's it for now you retro-freaks, and don't forget to love your band :D

    Rock 'n' Roll (Love Your Band)