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    • 28 nov. 2005, 1h18m

    Hunter Cover

    I was very very surprised to how close to the original the cover of 'Hunter' is.
    Honestly I am somewhat dissapointed -- it is almost identially from musical standview, but vocally it is full of angst... Oh well I am over it.

    P.S. to my sandess I do not enjoy 30STM as much as I did before, since I am in a very different place musically at this point. Oh well, they will alwasy have a soft spot in my heart, even if Opeth is my main thing now hehe

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    • 28 nov. 2005, 1h56m

    Covers are hard

    personally... I feel doing covers are vocally harder than original work... so I understand his voice... and They had to suddenly pull out some stuff and add it to the Album becuase of the album leak and people like me... U couldnt have expected masterpieces... and I don see how vast his options were when tryin to play around with Hunter... its not a flexible song u know...


  • wow - was Hunter really just thrown in there because the album got leaked? I thought it wasn't too bad, the vocals do become a little over the top near the end but I just expect that from Leto. I did notice he changed 'How Scandinavian of me' to How American of me' which makes more sense IMO but whatevs.

  • hunter is a cover? i didint even know that. who did it originally? sorry i feel completely dumb lol

  • Bjork did the original version of the song. Personally, I like 30STM's version of it better... The music is more ambient, with the vocals more powerful. Although, yeah, it doesn't differ very much from the original at all, it's the slight stylistic difference that makes me prefer it. Also, the way Bjork sings it sounds like a speech generator in some points... "I thought I could organize freedom" especially.

    Je suis le petit crabe, et je préfère que vous ne me mangiez pas, s'il-vous plaît.
    Oui, je parle Français modérément bien; As-tu une problème? ... Ou un peu du fromage... J'ai faim.
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    • 10 juin 2006, 18h14m
    Bjork does NOT sound angsy as hell thou.

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    • 17 jan. 2008, 13h51m
    I think Hunter is an amazing cover by 30STM. I use to listen much Björk before so I was a little bit skeptic as I found out 30STM is covering Hunter... but after all I have to say I love the cover. Jared's voice amazing and fits perfectly to Hunter.

    It was just a little bit weird to listen the cover for the first couple of times 'cause of that obvious modification in lyrics in case "how scandinavian of me" and "how American of me".

    I dunno what else to say. I really appreciate 30STM's Hunter cover. There's hell of a much really awful Björk covers but this one is definitely not one of those.

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    • 10 avr. 2009, 15h54m
    really good cover. original is good too.

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    • 14 avr. 2009, 9h48m
    good cover I don't like orginal

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