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join if ya h8 hipster trash


so 1 time i went to this show where some gay ass band named the animal collectives was playin n that shit was so weak everyone was dressed so gay n shit n all da music was like beeps n boops n hummin n chantin n clappin n i thought every1 was on drugs but i don't know man i had to come home asap and tell everyone that dat shit was 100% hipster trash so yah i made this group for all of ya who been in da same situation i hope ya'll can empathize n shit

xXxjaninexXx wrote:
"lmao at this group. it's not called hipster trash it's called art. what music should be. something mainstream music doesn't have. and all these bands are way more talented than hilary duff, miley cyrus, jonas brothers, kanye west, lil wayne, taylor swift everything most people listen to these days. so go back to listening to your shit music and leave these bands alone. just cause you have shit taste in music doesn't mean you have to give these bands shit cause they're way more talented and creative than you will ever be."

TuffGhost8191 wrote:
I bet whoever created this group just has far superior musical taste than anyone who qualifies as a hipster. But seriously, it seems like people hate hipsters for being pretentious douchebags, which for the most part they are, yet scoffing at all of these bands just because you look down upon the audience makes you a pretentious douchebag as well. And while I agree with some of this stuff as hipster Pitchfork trash, Okkervil River and Neutral Milk Hotel are both incredible bands that are entirely original and absolutely surreal lyricallly. It's not Jeff Mangum's fault that hipsters treat him like some supreme indie god, in fact, that's why he quit. And I've never met a hipster who liked Okkervil River, they incorporate way too much rock and narrative lyricism to be conisdered catchy. Anyway the point is that hipsters do suck, but don't blame the artists. Hipsters just listen to what pitchfork tells them, but a lot of these bands have real fans that dont act like douchebags.

TuffGhost8191 (again, lulz) wrote:
I fucking hate pitchfork but I can't help the fact they might review something favorably that I like. But that's not going to make me stop liking them. Seriously you're just as much of a pretentious douchebag as the worst of all hipsters. I bet you haven't even heard half of the bands that you are ripping on, yet you just judge them based on a portion of their fan base. You act like the music you listen to is just far superior to what all of these so called hipsters listen to. Sounds like the supposed hipster mentality to me. Seriously, what don't you like about Okkervil River, The Antlers, or Neutral Milk Hotel other than the fact that some hipsters might listen to them? Honestly, I hate hipsters just as much as you, but i don't let them effect the music i listen to. i suggest doing the same.

herpderp wrote:
i dont get this group whats going onherp derp derp herp derpy derp..

majulahchelsea wrote:
I didn't even go to art school, why are you even critiquing Animal Collective you fucking douche bag? I have lived in Baltimore City my entire life and I go to grad school because I can't even afford to find a fucking job in this goddamn city. Y'all can go to hell, for real.

If your ass looked at my charts or even BOTHERED to read my 'ABOUT ME' you would know that my ass DID NOT go to art school. Also: I HATE BROS.

Neon_Spadezzz, a Starbucks barista with a bachelor's in English, wrote:

omg, look at me, I'm so hipster. *lmfao* not, hangs antlers and pretends Rudolph is no longer the leader. lmfao, Too bad Daft Punk is house and Bon Iver is indie folk. Now, that's ironic. We have two different genres in some stupid(idiotic) group title name. Might want to go back to The Raveonettes, The Stone Roses, and perhaps....Surrender. If such was a band name (or is it? )

And not only that, but the group authorizes 'hipster garbage.' and questions the audience with reasons why they don't like it. If I were them, I'd take this crap down and find ways not to come off as some hypocritical dog titling the main counterpart of the group as 'Trash' while throwing challenge questions that point towards the affirmative side of 'hipster trash' as opposed to black-Lady-Katy mainstream hit/shit radio. By 'black' I do not mean any registered discrimination statements: only 'black' as in the darkest depth of the mind that is infected--or turned into trash: ie, counterparts of this word are churned and turned. (hence the reason for .black-Lady-Katy mainstream hit/shit radio.)

http://www.vimeo.com/1507417 // best music video ever
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iReFSzKTBQ // yeah
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj8ZJfQCtoc // yeah pt. 2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_70xGUxznYY // miracle whip is for fagets
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2xOw-VXe_g // the hipster king
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOpEHltx5Ik // hipster tits mmhmm
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdAFL9mKYB8 // hipster watches racial fight on bus


'jus wish i could fit in... :(' - the owl cities + lil alts


is this all the result of affirmative action or is black da new white???

"i'm in a speed boat in my boat shoes" - kanye west

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