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Artists Stats graph not working?

  • Artists Stats graph not working?


    When I tried to view the artist stats graph today it came up with this:

    Just thought I'd let you know...



  • It appears to be working for my accounts. Can you tell me what your label is?

  • Hi,

    My label is:

    Andy Mantell

    The graphs did come back for a while, and then they went again and are still down now...

    btw, would I be right in saying that they won't update till the end of the week? I've just run a powerplay campaign you see and I want to see how many people keep playing my music without it being forced upon them :-)

    according to the page:

    "80 Users listened to the whole track, and of those Users, 9 Loved the track"
    "12 Users skipped the track or did not listen to it to the end, and of those Users, 0 Banned the track"

    Sorry, just feeling rather chuffed at not having been banned :-D

    Thanks for your help,


  • Can you try clearing your browser cache, and loading the page again? I've just checked your account, and it seems to be working fine.

    Your powerplay should show up next week, and it sounds like you had a pretty successful one!

  • Hi,

    I've cleared my cache, and it still doesn't work (same error). I also tried it in IE and it didn't work. I normally use firefox so there definately wouldn't have been anything related to it in the IE cache...

    Another thing, the front page also says:

    Total Radio Plays: 1
    Label Reach: 1

    Which I know isn't true. I know for a fact I've had more than one radio play...



  • cool, it seems to be working again now.

    Thanks for your help, and anything you did to make it work! :-)

    The question still stands about total radio plays though... Why is it stuck on 1?

  • The stats you see on your Label Control panel are weekly figures, not your overall total.

    I understand this is confusing, so we'll be adding overall figures to the pages as well soon.

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