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Uploading music to my band page.

  • Uploading music to my band page.

    Hi, my band The Aversion Project were wanting to upload music to our band page on this website, but the page is already in use by another artist that hasn't uploaded anything or been active on the page for a couple of years. Is there any way we can upload our own tracks to this page?

  • Hi,

    In the case where more than one artist shares a name and the single artist account has been registered, we suggest you sign up for a label (not artist) account with a differentiated name at and upload your artist's music from there.

    Please note cannot currently distinguish between artists of the same name, so you will share a page with the other The Aversion Project. The wiki biography should be edited to reflect this.


  • Oh ok I didn't know that, that's excellent. Thanks for the help!

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