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How do I write in my journal or post pictures on my Artist Page?

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    • 17 avr. 2012, 21h11m

    How do I write in my journal or post pictures on my Artist Page?


    I am a new user / artist. (datbot / Mystic Decongestant) I want to post some pictures as well as write in my journal. Those buttons to do so are missing for me.

    I joined several days ago, and my music has been "queued for updating". Does this mean I don't get access to the other functions of my artist page while this is going on? These capabilities are also unavailable for me on my user page as well.

    I am using the latest version of Firefox, on a reasonably fast Windows 7 laptop computer.

    Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated. Thanks very much!

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    • 17 avr. 2012, 23h56m
    Best way is to listen to songs until you get the ability to upload pictures. You write journal entries via your user profile. There's a link to write a new journal entry, but not sure if you can use that yet.

    To make your journal appear on your artist page, use the 'Artist' button when you want to type your artist name, and it'll link your artist name like this: Mystic Decongestant

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    I just joined now as a new artist and I need all the details on how to manage, upload songs, pictures and videos. I also need to connect with some artists in R N B, Reggae and Hip hop music.

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