Forum » Label Services Forum is no longer updating my band's news feed

  • is no longer updating my band's news feed

    We ( have an RSS feed from Tumblr but stopped updating it, and has ignored the latest entry which is over a month old.

    I tried adding and removing the feed but it hasn't made a difference.

    The RSS feed itself ( contains all the entries as expected.

  • Same thing has happenned to us...and it still is as our latest blog is still not up!

    I think,therefore I resist!/Penso,logo resisto!
  • *tap tap* Is this thing on? Any staff able to comment on this?

    • POEmetal a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 31 mars 2012, 14h32m
    It has never worked for me and i use the recommended feedburner....

    What i do as a work around from time to time to be able to get new news items is to delete the feed and then add it again, it then posts all news including the latest ones.

  • Same Issue

    Same thing here. From our twitter feed:

    Imports fine, but doesn't update - Delete then add again to workaround.

  • Tried that, doesn't work.

    60 staff on the contact page, and none of them can even acknowledge this post after it's been up for a week? Poor.

    • bslbsl a dit :...
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    • 3 avr. 2012, 19h08m

    A week? Try a few months...

    * Artist News Feeds, stopped updating..
    * News feed error
    * The News Feed Doesn't Get Updated

    There are probably more threads like these; this issue has actually persisted for more than four months now.

  • You're right, it's just not good enough. I've been a subscriber for years and yet sometimes it seems like you get nothing for your money. To give them credit, my band's feed miraculously started working 5 hours ago, so I guess someone must have manually intervened. But ignoring this forum, for the people who are providing unique content for the site, is shocking.

    • POEmetal a dit :...
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    • 4 avr. 2012, 7h53m
    My feed also updated itself a few hours ago for the first time ever !

    I agree that the lack of response from the staff is unsatisfactory and its not just this time im sorry to say. If the feed continues to work then that would at least be a step in the right direction.

  • Hi,

    Sorry for our late reply - we got this fixed yesterday on the basis of this thread but missed out replying. There are some ongoing problems with news feeds that we're hoping to assign resources to, to fix permanently. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.


  • Thanks

    Seems to be working now.

    Many thanks Helen!

  • Spoke too soon...

    Hello again,

    I notice that our RSS hasn't updated again since 9th April. Are you still having issues?

    Many thanks,

  • Hi all,

    Unfortunately the RSS feed form is having intermittent problems that require an overhaul; as part of a larger Music Manager improvement project these will be looked at but in the meantime we'll have to ask for your patience.


  • Gonna have to bump this; I just posted the first update to our RSS feed since I started this thread, and now the Recent Activity section says we posted a news item, but the News section says there's no news for this artist! The MusicManager still shows the correct feed URL; it's just not able to show the news for some reason. Any chance someone will look into this?

  • I'm having a similar problem -- my News tab contains the updates I make (after a bit of a lag) but in the News section on the main page just below videos it constantly says "We don’t have any news for this artist yet. Why don’t you add an RSS feed?"

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    Permanent Starlight

  • Hi,

    We're having some glitching on artist pages following the problems detailed at - I notice that there are no play/listener numbers currently displayed at your artist page - so this may be related. We advise you to keep an eye there, and let us know if this is still the case in a day or so.


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