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Where the hell are all my tracks?

    • Madward a dit :...
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    • 13 fév. 2012, 9h14m

    Where the hell are all my tracks?


    I was about to upload a new album today, and for some reason I went back and looked at some of the older ones. It turns out that most of the albums (more than 20 by five groups/projects/bands I manage) look like this:

    What the hell?! And how am I supposed to fix this? Even if I reupload a track by clicking on the "why don't you upload it?" link, the newly uploaded track fails to replace the "missing" one. Instead it gets added to the end of the album.

    Anybody else out there with this problem? Any ideas about how to fix this without going nuts and/or wasting hours upon hours just to possibly achieve nothing and even end up ruining the stats attached to the tracks and albums?

    Thanks a lot for any assistance. Cheers

  • Hi,

    May I verify that you are not with any distributors/digital aggregators for these albums? If not, were there any changes made to the releases (however trivial) before they started appearing like this?


    • Madward a dit :...
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    • 13 fév. 2012, 12h23m

    thank you very much for your help!

    No, I'm not with any distributors etc. for these albums. Well, except for the Cynicism Management one, but that one appears to be OK :) But I manage all of them myself, anyway, my digital distributor for Cynicism Management did not touch anything on

    And no, I haven't made any changes for ages.

    Today I was about to upload a new album by SUR, and I happened to notice that the tracks on the album Soundtracks Vol. 5 ( weren't set on "set 'em free" for some reason. Thinking I probably forgot, I proceeded to change that with no problem, and then decided to check all the other albums in case I forgot to set any of the other tracks on "free".

    And then I saw that none of the tracks on the album were there. I deleted an reuploaded the whole album after not being able to replace the tracks by means of the "why don't you upload it" link.

    But then I saw that tracks on the following albums I administrate also appear to be missing:
    - all 12 albums by Juice Connection
    - 7 of 10 albums by SUR (Soundtracks Vol. 5 is OK. Now so is aLiVE in 2005, which I have just deleted and reuploaded, and Sharlatanus Maximus (original soundtrack), which I uploaded today for the first time)
    - the album by Last Legs (this one has never been "set free", but it appears as "missing" all the same, so this option is probably not the reason)
    - the EP by Ray Kosmick and his Porn Groove Crew

    The album by Cynicism Management ( seems to be OK (and it hasn't been "set free", it just has the "full length promo" option checked).

    That's 21 of 25 albums saying "we don't have a copy of this track"...


  • Hi,

    It seems like there are two separate problems at work here - the initial screenshotted album actually has no recordings available, so we'll need to investigate how they were deleted.

    The rest of your albums appear to have all recordings completely intact, but the Music Manager is not displaying this. This seems to have been happening intermittently for a few people.

    Hopefully we'll be able to get to the bottom of both of these - in the meantime, could you leave editing your albums?


  • Yeah, i have the same problem as this guy pretty much.
    I looked at the "music manager" page for this album:
    and all the tracks claimed to be missing like in the above screenshot. I checked the public page for this album (link above) and the songs were all still there. I then uploaded a new image for my album cover and when i clicked "save changes" and checked on the album page the cover had been updated but the tracks had all disappeared.

    Can someone sort this out please? I really don't want to have to upload all these tracks again. I asume i won't lose my plays stats, tags etc?

    I'll leave off editing my albums for now until i get confirmation that the problem has been sorted.

  • Thank you dear Helen for bringing me to this page.
    Yes, This is my same problem.
    I am self-managing myself here on I have also a digital distributor "Cd Baby" but they don't have access to my Last.Fm page, I told them to not touch this page and so they didn't. (it is just out of the contract).
    What can I do??
    Thank you very much

    • Madward a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 20 fév. 2012, 9h45m
    OK, I won't be editing anything, then... Hope you can figure this out soon and let us know when you have any news about this.

    • blackelegy a dit :...
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    • 20 fév. 2012, 19h21m
    Same Problem here with an old album ("We don't have a copy..."). I successfully re-uploaded the respective track and it's now shown in the music manager (full length preview activated) but disappeared from the artist page and furthermore I cannot set the track as featured track as it was before. And yes, we are with a distributor but at least the 30 second preview should be available...??

  • My music is available for streaming & 30 second previews, however the Manage > Catalogue page still says "We don’t have a copy of this track, why don’t you upload it". In light of this deficiency, I cannot queue my tracks as Full-length promos.

    I'm reading your How to: Make the Most of page & would really like to make the most of it, but I currently cannot. Please help!

    Artist / Album > Chad Trego Cognition

  • Hi all,

    We're down to the root cause of this and hope to have it fixed soon.

    In the meantime, if your recordings aren't showing in Music Manager, don't make any changes to that album (uploading artwork etc.) as this seems to delete the recordings.

    We'll keep you all updated.


    • Eftos a dit :...
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    • 27 fév. 2012, 19h51m

    you treat songs not as unique instance

    on youtube every video has a unique identifier
    on you merge songs to alias urls with an /_/ after the artist url
    correct would be artistname/albumname/songname

  • Hi,

    To all those whose recordings were not showing: the display issue has now been fixed.

    Unfortunately, if you saved your release, the recordings will have been deleted. If this is the case, you will need to reupload. We apologise for the inconvenience.


  • I've tried re-uploading my deleted tracks and i just keep getting the same 2 messages:

    "This album has changes that have not yet been saved.
    To save the modified version of this release view it then click 'Save Changes'

    An error occurred while importing this album
    You can retry the import. If the problem persists please contact us."

    The music manager page for this album shows that the uploaded tracks are available, but they do not appear on the public page. An automated email tells me that this album has been "imported", so the tracks ought to be playable by now.

    Viewing the modified version then clicking save changes doesn't do anything, the album still has those 2 error messages in the manager page and no playable tracks on the public page.

    Anything i can do about this or is it just a temporary glitch?

    Album page:

  • In my pages is all back to the normal...Thank you so much dear Helen.

  • Not my TOP Tracks

    I manage myself and I'm seeing on my page (Natasha Luna) that the top tracks have nothing to do with mine (other artists). Natasha Luna

  • so i deleted the tracks that i tried to re-upload and am re-uploading them again and it seems to be working. So i guess my problem seems to be solved for now.

  • Hi !

    I noticed that some points can have their importance :

    - all tracks uploaded must have the right artist name already setted in their own folder property, or any track with (even slightly) different name will be automatically considered by the server as external to the album. (two virtual albums will exist, each one in reference to the mentions written in the tracks properties).
    Example :
    track seven is featured the right way : author "band X", title "track 7", album "ALbUM".
    Last will create immediately the page "band X ; ALbUM ; track 7"
    the track eight is mistaken (band name wrong : BAnd X)
    Last creates the page "BAnd X ; ALbUM ; track 8".
    In BAnd X / ALbUM : there is only track 8, the other won't exist.
    In band X / ALbUM : there is all but n° 8.

    I noticed that the server is normally able to mention the two pages (one wanted and one unexpected), it is easy to notice on the album page when reading all names, tracks and their features.
    At times the server prefers to tell "we have no copy" with the pink page.

    - it can disturb the server to do uploading steps too quickly ;

    - setting the detail datas (I mean the level of releasing : 30 sec, full play or mp3 free) has easilly to be done twice.
    What I mean : I upload, I set the listening conditions amongst the three levels, and I state that all are in 30 sec whatever I chose. < this happens maybe 50 % of the time >.
    I want to come bak to the manager page so as to fix the problem.
    The manager page normally shows me its previous version (before I did my last step : it does not mention the very last track uploaded during the very last series, or the changes in listening conditions I mentioned.
    No solution except "resfreshing the page" : very last change then agree to appear ; I then have to "save the changes" for the second time. Then they appear the right way on the track page, the artist page, the album page & whatever you want.

    Now, what I do so as to avoid the whole problem (not considering its details or phases) :

    - 1 I upload a little series of tracks, I put the picture, I set the listening conditions, I save changes, I wait. WHEN the stuff appears, I go back to the manager page, where I normally find the stuff all setted in 30 sec samples, I re-check & set what I had initially chosen, & I naturally re-save my changes. After less than a minute, all my changes and settings are usually ok.
    Then I add a second series of uploads to the previous tracks.


    The more an album has tracks, the more it become slow or difficult to handle.

    The less I panic and go forward with precipitation, the more I can fix the problem instead of increasing it.

    I make always the anti-bug method systematically, just because the server seems to need or to prefer the double saving changes.


    What if I write the artist name wrong in the track features ?
    At first upload it has the wrong artist (or album name) inside. The server now knows it the way it is written.
    If I see it, or not, before saving changes, that is to say if I correct it or not, the first saving changes will result in the example I mentioned firts (two pages : one correct in writing, the other not, each one has its tracks, in relation with what was written in each audio folder when it was on my PC.)
    Impossible to make the exiled track come back.
    Double saving changes becomes impossible.
    It can become more easy to finally delete the album, upload one track under the wrong album name or artist name, so as to catch the orphan track inside an album page, and then to delete this album.

    Preventive method takes less time.


    I ignore if this situation is general or particular (country, etc).
    If general, 2 or 3 warning sentences could help, written on the manager or upload page. (example : if it is the second time you come on the album catalog manager page and you recent settings seem inaccurate, try to refresh the page, and save your recent changes a second time. <this can avoid useless & still apparently unsuccessful re-re-re-uploads, for instance>...

    A beautiful day,

    See you cheers


    • Madward a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 9 mars 2012, 8h34m
    OK, so now this is starting to get very annoying!

    I tried to administrate my band, Cynicism Management (, which seemed just fine the last time I checked, and what I get is this:

    Even though the album, which had been uploaded almost a year ago, still shows up here:

    What's going on? And, especially, what am I supposed to do?


    • ExilePots a dit :...
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    • 13 avr. 2012, 12h52m

    Cannot delete old album version or upload new...

    ... the old version seems stuck in the queue for deletion, while the new version is likewise stuck as queued for import. or whatever. This problem has now been in effect for 17 hours. I cannot give you any urls because according to my music manager's album page, neither version exists.
    Is it possible for the queue to be cleared please?

    Thank you in advance,

  • Hi ExilePots,

    If the album in question is 'Artifacts', this appears to be correctly editable within your Music Manager. If you're still trying to delete or make any other edit that isn't working, please let us know.


    • Neferast a dit :...
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    • 15 juin 2012, 18h49m

    Uploaded tracks show up on screen but are missing on Album...

    I've uploaded all of the tracks for this album... You Have Reached Your Destination by Inkraktare .. I now see all of the tracks... but only one preview shows up??? I want previews for all of the tracks to be added.

  • Hi,

    You should now see previews for all those tracks.


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