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Metal band like KSE + question about forum

  • Metal band like KSE + question about forum

    I'm looking for a metal band like Killswitch
    Engages singer Howard Jones.. Someone that
    sings similar to Howard I mean he's deep voice
    or what I should say LOL... If u have heard he
    singing (noramal)
    U will probely know what I mean.. Btw it should
    be metal
    band a bit scream but not to much.. But yeah
    like KSE.
    I have looking for a band long time like this..
    Please don't post if it's not similar to his voice..

    The question about forum: Why aren't there any music style sections? Would be nice I know it's on the site but would be good for example for that question I askt about before..

    Thanks for reply!.

  • Why not just listen to Howard Jones' other band, Blood Has Been Shed.

  • Thanks alot any more suggestions??..

    • isaacashe a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 29 mai 2012, 21h29m
    Check out Times of Grace, they're an offshoot of Killswitch.

    And every page, genre, band, user etc has its own shoutbox, so no need for musical style sections on the forums - the whole of Last.FM is like one big forum to explore.

  • Okay I see thanks :).

    • Guffenn a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 30 mai 2012, 18h54m
    All that remains, Nevermore,

    Just look here; Oh and All that remains is the first band..
    My favorite songs from ATR is "This Calling" and "The weak willed"

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 30 mai 2012, 20h29m
    I'm usually not big on the whole high-end production 'melodic' strains of hardcore and metalcore, but there are a couple of exceptions. Off the top of my head I reckon you'll enjoy Twelve Tribes (they've got some rather good vocal delivery duality going on, and generally excellent songwriting), Zao (apocalyptically christian hardcore with distinctly bloody-throated vocals) and Crydebris (somewhat more lo-fi than you might be used to, but mind-achingly lush and resonant, and tragically disbanded after a couple of demos!)

    The Train Bridge by Twelve Tribes

    Godshaped War by Twelve Tribes

    The Lesser Lights Of Heaven by Zao

    Praise The War Machine by Zao

    Mononoke Picture by Crydebris

    Vertigo by Crydebris

    I really do hope you enjoy my little selection as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I haven't listened to these songs for quite a while! :D

  • Okay thanks!, maybe I will do I hope so...

  • selfsurprise: Thanks alot but I didn't like no of them.. And not similar to kse.. Thanks alot anyway! :D.

    There are no band that sings like him :( I've lookt almost every band similar to kse here at last fm..
    They don't sing "deep"

    Edit: Sorry for bump..

    • Skiye a dit :...
    • Forum Moderator
    • 31 mai 2012, 21h36m
    you'll want to check out this thread (these types of threads are discouraged because we dont want 40+ million people having each a thread asking for recommendations):

    also, pm me with a little more detail on your question...what do you mean by "music style sections"? do you mean threads per genre of music?

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