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Mac Scrobbler app not submitting all detected plays.

  • Mac Scrobbler app not submitting all detected plays.

    I have iOS 5.0.1 on my iPhone 4, iTunes 10.5.1 on my Mac, lastfm scrobbler

    I have noticed recently that not all of the detected plays are being scrobbled.

    So I delved into the log. From this it is clear that scrobbles are only submitted in batches of 50. So, for example, if you have, as I did this morning, 89 tracks to scrobble, you will lose 39 scrobbles.

    As another example, further back in the log, I had 217 tracks to scrobble. The sequence of events works like this;

    217 tracks are written to the submissions xml file, 50 of these are scrobbled, confirmed to the user then removed and 217 tracks written to the backup submissions xml file. This is the general sequence. However, the counts from here on in are a bit off. Rather than having 167 (217 - 50) tracks to scrobble next time it only has 164. So it sends the next batch of 50 which would leave 114. Not so, only 93 left now. Send another 50 and that leave 43 to scrobble. Ah but no. That is less than 50 so it ignores it. Therefore it has not scrobbled 67 tracks.

    It's writing to the backup submissions xml file is also a bit sus. The second write is now 381 (217 + 164) and the third 474 (217 164 + 93). I am not sure how this backup file is used unless as a submissions batch history or similar.

    My point being this; surely all 217 tracks should have been submitted here. It looks like the 50 track batch is based on 'remaining tracks' > 50 so you could lose up 49 tracks every sync, not including the tracks it appears to lose otherwise. Unless there is a specific, deliberate reason for this, I would say that the app is bugged.

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