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Bug Report: Client doesn't show

  • Bug Report: Client doesn't show


    this seems to be a bug in the client for some Versions now. I'm running WinXP SP2 and everytime I mark the checkbox "Don't ask me again" on the "Confirm" Dialog on exiting the client it doesn't show up anymore.

    After a restart you doubleclick on the traybar icon or say "open" in the dialogue it shows up on the taskbar, but the window is hiding somewhere in the background.

    You have to reinstall again to see the window. That is really anoying...


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    • 20 oct. 2006, 8h47m
    sharevari said:
    It remembers the window position, so could you have moved it off the screen at some time? Try right-clicking on it in the taskbar, selecting Move, and then using the arrow keys to see if it will move it onto the screen.

    ...if this won't help, please check the whole thread:

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