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VLC support for the Scrobbler

  • VLC support for the Scrobbler

    VLC is one of the most popular media players. I strongly recommend to include it in the list of supported players.

    • Ziomek2000 a dit :...
    • Modérateur
    • 17 mai 2012, 21h06m
    Facet zaprosił mnie do kina i w połowie drogi pyta mnie: "A stać Cię na bilet..."?...i tak ma być.

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    • dankine a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 18 mai 2012, 23h35m
    they've made it so you have to install a plugin in the new build of vlc?

  • Thank you for the link; but I followed every instruction and it doesn't seem to work. OS is Windows 7.

  • that article is old, there is one more step now!
    Go back on the preferences, show advanced, interfaces, control interfaces.
    Here you have to put a tick on "submission of played songs to".
    Save, restart and you are done!
    Btw it look like vlc 2.1 has some issues with scrobbling, if so, just go back to version 1.9.

    • kazufoto a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 9 juin 2012, 6h18m
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  • doesn't work.

  • The song has to play all the way through to make it on here.

  • I myself prefer the VLC Player because it will play certain file extensions that Windows Media Player won't.

  • Edit: I was finally able to get this to work FINALLY! Anyway i don't like that you have to listen to the entire song for it to show up.

    • dankine a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 15 oct. 2012, 14h26m
    ILove-IceCube said:
    Edit: I was finally able to get this to work FINALLY! Anyway i don't like that you have to listen to the entire song for it to show up.

    then use a decent media player? one meant for music and libraries

    • AnbroK a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 19 oct. 2012, 2h41m

    Yeah it doesn't work...

    Yeah it doesn't work here on the mac.. need a fully-customizable player such as foobar in PC.. .gotta be able to fast forward the track, it's ridiculous iTunes and similar dont' have it. If anyone knows one, please msg me! thannks!!

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    • bubumaelou a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 2 mars 2013, 22h18m
    I tried what cinquesensi and it worked! But yeah, only thing is you have to finish listening for it to scrobble.

  • I have now played 4 songs off an album, and still nothing has Scrobbled.

  • can't seem to get this to work. I checked the last fm box in VLC and put in my username and password, still no scrobbles from VLC. Mediaplayer won't play .flac so i need to use VLC.

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  • I don't use VLC, but have you checked the option "Submit played tracks to" in the audio settings of VLC (see also the tip from cinquesensi in this thread)?

    Furthermore you could add FLAC decoding to Windows Media Player by installing the opencodecs package which is a set of DirectShow filters for several video and audio formats, so you would not need VLC for that anymore.

    Another DirectShow filter for standalone FLAC files is madFLAC, but you also seem to need the WMP Tag Support Extender or WMP Tag Plus with it to show the usual file tags in WMP's library (Track and Artist), so the scrobbler can pick them up.

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