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Multi-act, multi-venue EVENTS and user customisation.

  • Multi-act, multi-venue EVENTS and user customisation.


    I don't know if this subject has been addressed before, but if it has I have been unable to find mention of it on the FAQS or forum. Sorry if this is a repetition of another’s post.

    To begin - I am a little confused about the events system on My issue concerns what seems to be some real lack of clarity and user customisation options in the ‘Events’ system. To demonstrate;

    On 04/05/12, I flew to London to catch the launch party for Camden Crawl held at Koko. Camden Crawl is a 3-day multi-act, multi-venue event. I did NOT buy an all access ticket to see all the gigs over the duration of Camden Crawl but opted for a 1-night ticket for Koko covering the artists I was interested in seeing.

    The issue is that although I DID go to Camden Crawl I ONLY SAW THREE ACTS; Icona Pop, Engine Earz Experiment, and Death in Vegas. These were the 3 acts out of the 5 acts playing at the launch party in Koko that I wanted to see.

    Perhaps I am missing something on the site, but there does not seem to be an option to clarify which acts and indeed which venues and which dates and times the user has attended during a multiple act / venue event. I feel that one single event listing without an option to select which participating acts for a multi act / venue / date you chose to support is insufficient and would like it if consider increasing the user customisation for these types of event.

    Perhaps we could have a checkbox for each of the acts listed as part of a wider multi-gig event so that any user can clarify which shows they caught. Surely this would offer more accurate information for recommendations and compatibility in addition to giving users more control over the amount of detail they share regarding their musical preferences and attendance over the course of a festival.

    I don't know anyone who (for instance) goes to T in The Park, and claims to have seen all acts on all stages. I wouldn't claim to have caught all gigs at Camden Crawl this year and would like to know how to highlight whom I saw as part of the festival, which venue and on which date. If there is already a way to do this and If anyone knows what I am doing wrong I'd really appreciate a point in the right direction. If this facility doesn’t exist I believe it would be a big improvement to the Event system on

    Incidentally, I am aware that as a user I can create event pages if they find they don’t already exist - this option is not what I am looking for.


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    • 10 mai 2012, 9h59m
    what would it really improve?

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