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Request for a More Accurate Attendance Count on Events

  • Request for a More Accurate Attendance Count on Events

    "You’re going to "x" events and you’ve been to "y" events in the past."

    My biggest issue with this is that the number for "y" disregards whether or not I'm indicating I've been to that event via the checkboxes ("I'm interested", "I'm going"). If I indicated I attended 20 events and indicated interest in 30, then will incorrectly lump them into the same sum and declare I've been to 50 events.

    Can we update this? I recommend appending to the current message:

    "You're interested in "a" events and you were interested in "b" events in the past.

    You're going to "x" events and you've been to "y" events in the past."

    • Bloopy a dit :...
    • Forum Moderator
    • 7 mai 2012, 23h56m
    Agreed, that needs fixing.

    It seems futile to say you're interested in a past event though, unless you're building a time machine! I remove the 'interested' if I didn't go, because I don't want the event in my list at all.

    • itishere a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 10 oct. 2012, 14h24m
    I fully second corvidtabard's request and proposal. I'm also interested in an accurate count of attended events but I'd also like to know in what past events I had been *interested*. If I didn't have the chance to attend an event, I might still be interested in any shouts or reviews of that event. But if I delete it from my "interested" list (in order to get an accurate count of attended events), it's nearly impossible to find it again later to check if there have been any reviews.

    So I'd like to see both a list of events I'm planning to attended/ attended already and a list of which events I'm interested in or had been interested in.

  • Re: Request for a More Accurate Attendance Count on Events

    Thanks for reporting this corvidtabard - I wasn't aware it was doing this. It's obviously wrong - I will make sure it gets fixed.

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