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how events could be displayed in groups

  • how events could be displayed in groups

    Peace everybody,

    My ideas are:

    an option that automatically shows and updates the events of all or chosen artists that are connected to a group. That would make things faster and easier for all group members.

    to make an extra "events" page for groups, so listeners can find events easier. Currently they have to find them on the connection page, between artists, labels and countries.

    an option that lets admins choose in which order the events are displayed. (I prefer that the next coming events are on top of the list and on the group start page. Many events come in last minute and people have a better chance to find them this way).

    that events in a group are displayed with all important information when people look at all of them (with date and town). Currently i only see a list with artist names and the names of the event or venue. The last fm style like we know it from artist pages or next events in our town, would be more helpful, especially when the artists tour all around the world.

    What do you think about it?

    Much respect,


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