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    The new app should be able to run in the background without a dock item or a menu bar item (or showing up in the command+tab application switcher UI).

    It should be able to launch silently on login and never bother the user unless they want it to.

    Right now, I have to see the logo in the application switcher and in my dock, even though I prefer to use your website for checking my profile. This is driving me towards using a third party app.

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    • dankine a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 1 mai 2012, 14h45m

    it should be on the dock or taskbar.

    • DFA1979 a dit :...
    • Abonné
    • 1 mai 2012, 20h57m
    Sorry to be so blunt but this is just stupid. If the app didn't show in the dock and didn't have an icon in the menu bar and didn't show up in the app switcher… that isn't just an app which never bothers the user unless they want it to, that's an app which never bothers the user even if they want it to.

    If you want scrobbling to be completely silent, there are plenty of media players with integrated scrobblers which will achieve that and allow you to never see them except when playing with scrobbler settings. But for the dedicated app to do that would make no sense at all.

  • I understand why you think that, but I disagree.

    My reason is mainly because the website is great. If I want to do anything related, I go there.

    All I want the app to do is scrobble music in the background. Nothing else.

    I will never open the app to check my profile (I'll use the site), I'll never use the radio functionality (I own all my music) and I'm not interested in any feature of the app besides its scrobbling ability. Third party utilities cannot scrobble from iPods. The app can.

    It is a perfectly logical and sensible request, albeit admittedly one coming from a power user and an edge case.

    The old app could run without a menu bar icon and without an entry in the command+tab application switcher. If I recall, it still showed up in the dock. That's fine.

    I'm not changing my media player, because I own an iPod, an iPhone and an iPad, as well as Airplay devices and an Apple TV. I also buy music from iTunes.

    I think my request is reasonable and would improve the overall user experience in the app for power users. It seems foolish to try and push users onto an app - surely would rather receive more page views on their website (after all, ad revenue is probably their largest income source).

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  • Please add feedback for the new client version in the Audioscrobbler Beta forum.

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