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Liking artists for future listening.

  • Liking artists for future listening.

    I'm not sure if this is already a feature, but I haven't found it if it is.

    A simple feature that would be cool to have is simply a button that would like an artist you haven't heard before. Then have some sort of list of aritsts you have liked and could come back to to checkout in the future without interrupting the current radio.

    This would be great for finding new artists because I often have a song come by I really like but am too busy to write down or save in some way.


  • Couldn't you use tags for that?

  • Don't tags take you though a wide arrange of a genre? It doesn't mark any specific artist as far as I know. There's a lot of artists within certain tags I don't like but some I do.

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    Tags are not genres.

    When you tag an artist, the artist is added to your library, and you can see a list of the artists you have tagged with each tag you use, if you drill down from the tag link on the left sidebar of your profile. If you use something unique, e.g. "ConsciousDreamLikeThis", the tag likely won't get used by others.

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