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    I've noticed many songs I play via the player (for instance the recommendation radio) have like a collection album or best of album.

    Wouldn't it be better if the songs will be scrobbled with the original album.

    The songs available are probably distributed via a new release or new collection album or something, but can't we make it scrobble witht he original album name?

    It's mostly with songs from before CD's, it mostly doesn't just show the LP album but some re-release.

    Make the albumcounts messed up.

    Maybe i'm just a whineyass, but i think it would be an improvement.

    Example, at this exact moment i'm playing:
    Bill Withers - Lovely Day
    It shows the album: Lean On Me: The Best of Bill Withers

    But it's originaly from the album: Menagerie

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