• Wyrd_Rune a dit :...
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    • 22 oct. 2006, 15h48m


    I'd be interested in the ability to rate tracks/artists on a scale of (say -5 to +5) - I haven't seen any way to do this, but I may be missing something.

    These ratings could be taken into account over time when creating radio streams or recommendations.

    Thoughts of others?

    • ahoier a dit :...
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    • 22 oct. 2006, 17h35m
    You mean ratings like Yahoo! Launch service? Nah. Well, you're welcome to the idea ;) But I doubt it would be implemented. For example, for me, I either love the song, or I hate it. And then, there are some of those, such as Crazy that are neither, and they just sorta sit there, until I decide, wow, I've heard this song enough, I really do like it :P

    And well, these sort of stats would be shown in the users' artist/track song plays ;)

    BTW, since this is more of a suggestion, I'll move it to the Feedback and Ideas forum.

    • hotchk155 a dit :...
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    • 4 nov. 2006, 9h22m
    I think track ratings is one of the main things last.fm is lacking. For example rateyourmusic.com is not a patch on last.fm for content but does have that rather addictive scoring feature and I know a couple of last.fm users who are spending a lot of time there now instead.

    Scoring on a scale is a logical progression from the loved/banned tracks feature and could be used to tune (ha!) the radio selection and make neighbours/tasteometer more accurate.

    OK, the basic priniciple that if you really like a track you will play it more *does* apply but if you tend to listen to whole albums there is only the YES/NO loved track setting to apply to your favorite actual tracks on those albums.

    The main thing is that scoring tracks is incredibly addictive once you start doing it, and I'd love to see this in last.fm

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 4 nov. 2006, 12h14m
    I think it would be kind of cool, especially if the average rating was displaed on artist/album/song page.

  • I like the idea of rating music, but I'm not sure now well it will fit in with last.fm

    Rating tracks is a nice idea, but I always find it impractical due to the numbers of tracks involved. The chances of me ever rating all of my tracks is basically nil, so I'd be reluctant to start.

    I love the idea of rating albums though, and am currently spending a lot of time of rateyourmusic.com doing just that. I'm not sure how it could be incorporated into last.fm though, as albums aren't really supported very well (as can be seen by the pictures selected by last.fm on the recently played quilt - one album can result in lots of different pictures).

    Of course the ability to rate individual tracks would be attractive to some people. I suspect that it would result in artificially high ratings, as people will tend to rate their favourite stuff, but it could still produce some interesting results though, if totals are published somewhere.

    As an example, rateyourmusic.com produces charts based on user ratings (both yearly and an overall chart). It is very interesting to see how the general public rate the albums. A similar thing on last.fm would also be good.

    • yashrg a dit :...
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    • 20 nov. 2006, 5h15m

    I`d like it

    I`d like to be able to rate songs on last.fm because then maybe you could find a way to transfer your ratings back to your pc in case your pc crashed and you re-installed the os..

    • berobynne a dit :...
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    • 23 jan. 2007, 20h44m

    Please implement it!

    I'd really like this feature. Hopefully the system could then use the ratings data to improve people's personalised charts and recommendations using this data.

    You would then end up with a huge amount of data about what each user likes, loves, hates and so on. That can only make last.fm a more interesting and customisable experience.

    It may be true that some people either love or hate all tracks but for me I can divide everything into "love", "like", "okay", "dislike" and "hate". I think it would be much more useful to have this data instead of the current love, ban or nothing. So a five-star rating along the lines of Flixter's (www.flixster.com) rating system would be nice.

  • http://www.last.fm/forum/21717/_/191421

    They already have their own rating system and it seems to work well enough to be honest. We don't need to complicate things up. I'm skeptical as to how exactly ratings data can improve recommendations too. Also rating stuff is a very subjective thing.

    galeote said:
    I agree on the simple rating system. You can use 10 points, a hundred, whatever, in the end everything reduces to "like, love, dislike, hate". The point of qualifying between "I like 7 points" "I like 8 points" may be useful to do 2006 lists but not for radio, recommendations, etc.

    • juepucta a dit :...
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    • 24 jan. 2007, 0h02m
    LastFM lacks this feature on purpose. Precisely to avoid the Launch Cast suckitude.

    If you like a song you listen to it. That is what the stats reflect.


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