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Trust-based recommendations using last.rec

    • macawerner a dit :...
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    • 18 fév. 2012, 21h22m

    Trust-based recommendations using last.rec


    So I've been working on a project that generates recommendations based on the trust you can have on your friends in You can find more info and the web app here:

    If you can take a look at it, I'd appreciate your opinion.

    Thanks :)

    • Alainn a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 13 mars 2012, 12h49m
    Great concept that finally makes having friends a benefit for finding new music.

    The link on the artist name to is really handy since I can use it to see if I've played them before and where I can listen to them other then Grooveshark.
    Mentioning the name of the friend where the recommendation came from is great since that sometimes tells me more about the artist then the actual artist blurb.

    Some suggestions:
    • Friends/Users - I have a larger number of friends on than the app will let me rate. It would be great if the app would take all of them into account or let me add them myself so I could also include people that I'm not friends with.
    • Specialization - Most of the friends that I have a high amount of trust in really know certain genres of music (mostly 1 to 5 of the larger ones). It would be really handy if I could get their recommendations from those genres rather then an artist from a complete random one that they tried one time or scrobbled by accident. Weighted taggs would also work here.
    • Length/updating - The list is a bit short when showing only 15 artists, most of whom I already know. It would be nice if it kept getting larger dynamically or had multiple pages (like Hypemachine)

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