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Artists radio ban list + recent tracks feature

  • Artists radio ban list + recent tracks feature

    Hello. It's my first post here and I'm hoping that it's in accordance with the general rules of the forum.

    After using my account for a while, I found myself in need of a couple of features that I would like to suggest today in this topic and that maybe the staff will find useful or relatively interesting.

    1. Artists ban option at radio stations/profile page. It would be similar to ignore lists for users.

    E.g.: If I'm listening to let's say "female vocalists" tag radio, it would prove useful to have a list of non-playable/banned artists (preferably with no actual input limit).
    2. The recently listened tracks feature has at the moment 2 options: is either public (+ the actual library/history of plays) or private (non-accesible for anyone but the owner of the account). Would it be possible to make this feature (through the privacy settings page) similar to "recent activity" one that has a couple of other options like: "viewable only by friends" or "viewable only by neighbours+friends"?

    I'm hoping that I'm not the 10k user that suggests these features. Thank you for your time and patience.

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