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Can't see my profile page.

  • Can't see my profile page.

    Hi everyone I have used this site for awhile now and enjoy it , but recently I have ran into my first real error. Whenever I try to look at my profile I get a "User not found message". I can look at every page like my library page, home page, friends page, etc.. I thought the problem was because I was on vacation and using a different network but now that I am home its still here, can anyone help?

    Thanks for your time

  • Seems to be ok here, can you give us the URL which is causing the problem please?

  • I if I put in "", it goes to "";, but I did try it on a friends computer and it works fine. So I assume the problem is on my end now.

  • hmmm I reset my browser and It works now. Thanks for the help anyways, good to know helps its users

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