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  • new events

    i've added our new venue and upcoming events but they are not showing up on the main events page

    • Knapster01 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 28 mai 2012, 16h05m
    You probably want to flesh out the address details a little better so we can attempt to get a better idea of where the venue is.

  • it's St. Louis, MO .... St. Peters is basically part of St. Louis. please help us get listed on the events. I see all of the major venues but ours in not showing

  • i changed our address to ST. LOUIS, MO

  • I've added the correct address to the venue for you. It may take up to a week for our system to catch up with the new address and appear on the events page for your area. I also noticed you created two venues. I've merged them together, so please ensure you use this venue when you create new events.

  • our events

    weird. i wonder how i did that? at any rate ... THANKS!!

  • events

    our events are still not showing up

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