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Why does Last FM use my details for SPAM?

    • geenkaas a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 16 mai 2012, 12h39m

    Why does Last FM use my details for SPAM?

    Since you have limited e-mail support I'd thought I would try my question here on the forum, it might provoke a reaction.

    I have a special e-mail address I created specially for Last FM and I only used it once, to register for Last FM. The e-mail is (redacted): lastfm@mydomain.tld

    Now I am getting a huge amount of spam on that address, none of these messages reach me at anything_else@mydomain.tld so I must assume it comes from Last FM.

    Or, which would be even worse, it would reach me because Last FM sold or yet worse, lost my personal details to a third party.

    I can think of no other way I should receive so much directed spam on that specific e-mail address.

    Like to hear a solid response from the Last FM team.

    • Knapster01 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 16 mai 2012, 13h30m
    We’ve had reports from the community that a few of you are seeing spam from gambling sites. We want to make one thing very clear: We never give or sell your address to third parties without your explicit consent for a specific purpose.

    We are investigating this matter urgently, running a security audit and looking at alternative ways the spamming of users might have occurred.

    We take this abuse of our community very seriously and we appreciate your understanding and support as we work out what’s going on and put things right again.

    Can you please also write directly to our customer support team about this matter? (category: abuse)

    If you still have it, please include the complete spam email (with headers) with your message. We will investigate this matter immediately.

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