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Motörhead, not Motorhead!

    • krisAxe a dit :...
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    • 1 mai 2012, 22h18m

    Motörhead, not Motorhead!

    Can you guys please sort out the Motörhead tag? There is no band called Motorhead. The Overkill and Orgasmatron keep on getting changed to Motorhead without Umlaut, and it's messing up our scrobbles. Please guys, do something about it. Thank you

  • Do you have Spelling Corrections enabled? If yes, then it's probably a Known Issue:

    Scrobbles are attributed to an incorrect album despite tags being correct
    • We're currently investigating the cause of this, however we can't retroactively fix this in libraries as we don't currently do album corrections, in the same way we do artist/track corrections. More info here

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