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Mai 5

Various Vegetables #5

Avec Automatic Tasty, Tal Steady Kill et 6 autres artistes à Naherholung Sternchen


De samedi 5 Mai 2012 à 22:00


Naherholung Sternchen
Berolinastraße 7, Berlin, 10178, Germany

Web :

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So far, the artist with the most suitable moniker for playing at our Veggie gigs has got to be Automatic Tasty. Hailing from Wicklow, Ireland, this will be his first Berlin show which we're very excited about. He has released through Lunar Disko Records, as well as some lovely free releases on Acroplane, Net-Lab and The Centrifuge including two recent EPs on Dublin's Lunar Disko Records.

He will bring a liveset of original tunes fully loaded with beats, hard hitting basslines, tons of emotions and lovely deep analogue textures directly into the basement.
This will make you move, this will make you smile, let's have some craic with him.




We first discovered Voltek through a super-nice album on Net-Lab some years ago, and since then a brilliant follow-up album through Belfast's Acroplane Recordings. We found his music full of the right kind of experimentation and showing a fine ear for writing solid tunes. Living in Berlin since 2007, he is possibly better known as Barker, forming part of the Leisure System Crew which creates delicious electronic gigs at Berghain and further afield. The Leisure System crew have recently evolved toward a label and some days before VV#5, Barker's new 12" "Like An Animal" will be released through the newly formed Leisure System label.

Other projects by Voltek include Barker & Baumecker whose first EP 'Candyflip' was released on Ostgut Ton in 2010, followed by the "A Murder Of Crows" EP on the same label only a few weeks ago.

For us he will play under his Voltek moniker, unleashing his drum machine beats and laptop knob twiddling lust for experimentation onto our dancefloor.
This will hit you hard.




Andy Doyle, one half of Dublin’s Lunar Disko Records, will show his delicious DJ-Skills for us on the night in the basement too.

The Lunar Disko club has been pushing the Italo, Electro, and Chicago sound in Dublin since 2005. International guests who have appeared at Lunar Disko include Alden Tyrell, Bangkok Impact, The Hasbeens, Legowelt, Sneak-Thief, Intergalactic Gary, Rude 66, David Vunk, DJ Overdose, Raiders of the Lost Arp, Orgue Electronique, Neville Watson, I-f, Dopplereffekt, Egyptian Lover & Redshape and many more.

Following the success of the club night Lunar Disko Records emerged in late 2008, with an impressive artist roster to date including Sneak-Thief, Mr Pauli, Faceless Mind, Mark du Mosch, David Vunk, DJ Overdose, Submersible Machines, Automatic Tasty, Lerosa, Meschi, and Raiders of the Lost ARP.




Electro Band are two people connected through music and a very close relationship. They met years ago in East Berlin: She played Violin, he played the bass, and since then have generated a deep interweaving of their musical and personal life, bringing together electronics with acoustic instruments such as violin and bass, the music results are far away from conventions and perfectly suit our ambient floor.




Also gracing our tasty ambient floor, we have some fuzzy electronica from southern England by Tal Steady Kill. All of his music is recorded onto tape which is in turn left in a hot Volvo. He is quite inspired by wobbly VHS videos of John Carpenter movies. Take your seat and enjoy.




Good Veg-friend Amber126 will play again a great selection of trippy tunes and downbeat things on the ambientfloor.


Alongside our guests, Eutechnik, Vodor L Zeck and Vertical67 will fill in the gaps with veggie styled tunes and a bit of live acid on top.

Kinskop is on holidays this time... but he will be there in spirit. We'll miss you Kinskop. Kiss Kiss.


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