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Mai 16

Fuse Replay with Jeff Mills (Axis Records 20th Anniversary)

Avec Jeff Mills, DEG et 3 autres artistes à Fuse


mercredi 16 Mai 2012


208, rue Blaes, Brussels, 1000, Belgium

Tel : +3225119789

Web :

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Axis Records 20th Anniversary

Here we go again for a another sweet edition of Fuse Replay! And it will be a legendary edition because mister Jeff Mills himself has chosen Fuse Replay to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of his label Axis Records. He’ll be bringing us a special 3 hrs set full of 1992-2012 techno, all nicely spiced up with rhythms of the uberclassic TR-909 drummachine!

But hey hey hey! Is this a Fuse Replay 1994-1999? or a Fuse Replay 1992-2012? Good question… Let’s put it this way: Jeff Mills celebrates ’20 years of Axis’ and in doing so he will bring us a sample of all the fine technotracks that are especially precious to him! And we all know that Jeff breaths techno, lives techno and loves techno more than anyone else. Jeff is part of technopast, technopresent and technofuture ! Making this exception to our 94-99 rule, in order to get the master himself to come to Fuse Replay, was a technobridge we didn’t have much trouble taking!

So… one Fuse Replay exception that proves our ‘guaranteed classic 94-99’ rule. A rule that will be followed stringently well by the other dj’s performing on Wednesday 16h May 2012 at Fuse Replay. Pierre and Trish will join Jeff Mills in the main room and surprise surprise…Deg and Tomaz are preparing very special warm acid 94-99 sets for the second Fuse Replay room!

Room 1:

Jeff Mills

Room 2:



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