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Fév 25

I Love Acid

Avec Mark Archer, AGT Rave Cru et 2 autres artistes à Ginglik


De samedi 25 Février 2012 à 19:00


1 Shepherds Bush Green, London, W12 8PH, United Kingdom

Tel : 020 8749 2310

Web :

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I Love Acid presents Mark Archer (ex Altern 8) plus Posthuman live! Dj support from ILA residents Placid and AGT Rave Cru.

Check this video of I Love Acid to see just what to expect: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXQd93m-I9E&fmt=22

Mark Archer (ex Altern 8)
As far as rave legends go, you won’t find many higher up the list than Mark Archer. Founding member of Bizarre Inc, one half of Nexus 21 and Altern8, and also recorded solo under a plethora of monikers such as DJ Nex, Trackman, Mark II, and Slo Moshun… Mark is quite simply one of the most important and influential dance music producers of the last two decades.
Still writing and DJing out across the globe, everything from jacking acid, classic techno, funk, hardcore, hip-hop, and of course his most notorious speciality genre: Old Skool Rave – Mark Archer is a resident at London’s I Love Acid, and also a regular guest at top music events such as Bangface, BLOC Weekend, Sonar Festival, Fantazia, and many more…
Mark Archer @ I Love Acid back in 2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCZS771rXMA

Full live show from Posthuman. Known for their genre-shifting output that spans techno, electronica, breaks, acid, and electro – always with a signature sound of deep brooding science-fiction menace. Founders of Seed Records back in 2001, and hosts of the legendary tube station parties (held in an abandoned underground train station in London), that saw them play alongside the likes of Aphex Twin, Goldfrapp, Plaid, Luke Vibert, and many more.
Over the last few years Posthuman have established themselves across the UK and Europe as serious heavy-hitters on the dancefloor, and released an ever harder series of vinyl records and labels such as Uncharted Audio, Handsette, B12, and Balkan Vinyl, focussed on jacking rave-fused techno and electroid darkness: check the videos below to hear for yourself!
Lander: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAKo7H4BPp0
Mobile Mast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScBYaG-iWpE
Brick Head: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lODp7AveCE
Posthuman live @ Wang: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4Ck9NFicGA

Since 1990 Placid has been spinning the platters that matter , best known for sets of purest acid house and a reputation as ‘the Dj’s Dj’, his gigging biography has taken him to Detroit, New York, Berlin, France, Spain and Holland as well as Glastonbury and BLOC music festivals.
Known as the “DJ’s DJ” and reputed owner of one of the worlds most encompassing collections of Acid House, I Love Acid resident, walking acid-house encyclopedia Placid once again digs deep into his crate to bring you a pure vinyl set of the absolute best of Acid House, Detroit Techno, Retro Electro and Chicago House

AGT Rave Cru
The Chas and Dave of Rave, AGT run at a hundred-tracks-an-hour on stage, mashing up rave anthems, acid house, warehouse basslines, old skool classics, 80′s electro, hardcore jungle, and whatever else happens to be tickling them at the time…all at lightning speed without ever missing a beat.
Firmly tongue-in-cheek, like a hyperactive 2manydjs meets Altern8 in Orbital glasses and hi-viz vests – it might not always be clever: but it certainly is BIG.
Check out this video of AGT rocking the I Love Acid dome at BLOC Weekend: www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2w9BLI0Kuc



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