• Way To Blue - Barbican 21 January 2010

    23 jan. 2010, 9h41m par Thelonious9

    Fri 22 Jan – Way to Blue The Songs of Nick Drake

    According to the programme notes, Joe Boyd organised these shows because he felt there weren't enough great covers of Nick Drake songs - the point being that these were great songs in their own right, ripe for re-interpretation. It was a good concept and the heart of many a pub debate about what makes a good cover version – can it be faithful to the original, should it go out on a limb and so forth.

    The slight problem in the design for this show is that it was not a night dedicated to the songs of Fred Bloggs, but one focusing on The Great Tragic Figure of English Music (trademark). Hence there was a sense of respect and love for the man himself (to be fair, a genuine sense, not just one that played up to his posthumous media image) that inevitably made Drake the focus again and not the songs. So we got no version of Northern Sky rearranged for sheet metal and bagpipes. We didn’t get Napalm Death turning up to do a cover of Poor Boy. …