• Delirious? Historymakers Final Tour Bristol

    2 déc. 2009, 19h57m par Trishrob5

    Thu 26 Nov – Delirious?

    Historymakers Farewell tour o2 Academy Bristol 26-11-09.
    I am still coming down from this, and probably will do for a while to come. It’s pretty safe to say that it was one of the best gigs I have been to in 30 odd years.
    There will be tales told for a long time to come and everyone will have their own special memories of what was undoubtedly an epic, epic final hurrah of , In my humble opinion, one of the finest and tightest rock bands to have set foot on a stage, it was loud , triumphant and poignant .
    Nothing was left out this night, and to be part of it was almost beyond words. They loaded everything into this tour. The light show was on a scale of Pink Floyd plus a big screen running films and collective memories from the last 17 years and stadium sound.
    We had everything over 4 hours solid apart from a few suit changes to echo their evolution, even StuG in a kilt at one point.
    The night started with their Cutting Edge band incarnation…