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My artist page has no radio

  • My artist page has no radio

    Ive done everything from tagging my songs, to listening to the music that will play that i added from my albums. Still no radio on my artist page like other aartists. I listen, love, and add other artists to my own radio station, but when people go to my page..... there is no tab there that will let them hear my music and other artists that i added.

    I cant even play my own music for more then 30 seconds and ive done everything by the instructions. Not to mention i havent heard back from support yet? Can someone help....since they dont seem to care?

  • got the same...

  • Yeah this site from the support standpoint is a joke. I hate to say it but they dont give a rats ass if you have issues or not. Ive lost money on campaigns when they froze and all kinds of stuff. This is BS...

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