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Music is uploaded but I can't listen

  • Music is uploaded but I can't listen

    My songs have been uploaded but it says there are not enough listeners to play on the radio. How do I listen?
    Rotherwood is the name of the band.

  • Get your friends and fans to start listening/adding your tracks to their personal radios. Once enough people hear the tracks and tag them with genre tags, they should help generate a Similar Artists radio station.

    I am on your page right now:
    And am listening to the tracks direct from artist, as you have them set up. Sounds great too!

    Can you tell us what genre and style, you would like your music set as and I will start tagging the tracks appropriately. Your band biography is rather vague. Since you are from Cape Breton, I am thinking

  • So I need my friends and fans to visit my page and play from my website?

    Thanks so much for listening! I'll write a better bio too.
    some tags:
    folk, indie folk, rock, ryan adams, fleet foxes, mumford & sons, avett brothers, the strokes, arctic monkeys, maritimes, celtic folk, indie rock, cape breton, east coast canada, ray lamontagne, local natives, tallest man on the earth,

    thanks so much for the support!

  • Another thing that might help is putting a link to your Last artist page on your Last user page. I just clicked on your username (above this message of mine) and your profile page has no way of following through quickly to your artist/band page.


  • I don't understan, so now people have to come to my page and listen before it goes on the radio?

  • It would help.

    For example, i'm curious so i'll check out what you've uploaded. So then Last knows juepucta, who listens to X, Y and Z also has listened/likes Peter's tunes. And it builds from there.


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