I am absolutely horrified - discovered someone has created an artist page in my name that contains some tracks that should NOT be there, let alone available for listening AND download - 4 of the tracks are VERY old private demos - compeltely misrepresentative of me as an artist today and the music I make. A few of the tracks have not yet even be released but are due soon for an official independent release. How is this possible? Has someone hacked my computer? Surely this is completely illegal. I have no control over the content on the page but as the artist, I SHOULD be the only one to have control of the material that is posted & available for listening/download under MY NAME!

    I have emailed the site but have not yet heard anything back - growing very impatient and increasingly disturbed that this has happened. When I clicked "claim this artist", a message was displayed stating something along the lines of "this artist has already registered with Lastfm".

    How can I have the current artist page completely removed/deleted OR claim my own CORRECT and legitimate artist page? Is there a faster way to resolve this?? Disturbing that photos of me are up there too...

    The page is: http://www.last.fm/music/Marissa+Skovron

    Oh, and I should add that NONE of the following apply in my case:

    1. Have you already uploaded this album under a different label? Please double check if you (or an associate of yours) have already uploaded this album.

    2. Have you licensed the album to a different label for certain territories? You cannot share ownership of an album on Last.fm, so will have to arrange with the other label who will manage it on the site.

    3. Has your album been supplied by an aggregator? Please note that Last.fm has license agreements with various content aggregators to get content supplied. If your album has been part of such content delivery you will not be able to upload it yourself. If you want the album removed, we invite you to contact your aggregator.

    4. Are you sharing an artist name with someone else? Maybe that other band already has an album with the same name. If this is the case please use a different album name.

    Thanks so much,

  • Oh, it seems as though the tracks are only listenable via "listen to Marissa Skovron radio" - which is just as bad! Hope this can be resolved asap...

  • Hi Marissa,

    It appears there was an account registered for you in August 2008, from the domain @hfriend.com - would this be an associate? Once we've worked this out we can proceed with getting you access to the artist account.

    It appears that a release was also uploaded, but not taken down completely - we've now removed these recordings for you. Listings you see for unreleased tracks are there via scrobbling - that is, when users listen to your tracks on their home iTunes, WinAmp, etc. with our Scrobbler plugin tracking what they listen to. These track listings are only information, and this music can't be streamed.

    Most of the photos were uploaded by that same account, with one uploaded by another fan - if any infringe on copyright or aren't intended for public use please let us know and we can remove these.


  • I see now that there were several emails in our queue and you've now been added as an admin to the page, so you can ignore the first paragraph above.


  • Thank you Helen!!!! Thrilled this was resolved so swiftly.

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