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News feed error

    • CSMAB said...
    • User
    • 20 Feb 2012, 13:09

    News feed error

    For months now I have to delete my artist's news feed and re-add it in order to show new posts on the artist page. Will this be fixed anytime soon? So that new posts will show automatically.


  • I have the same problem!

  • Hi,

    Could you let us know the address of the news feeds you're adding?


    • bslbsl said...
    • User
    • 20 Feb 2012, 17:42
    As pointed out in another tread this applies to any and all feeds. Have a look at Radiohead, Rihanna, Lady+GaGa, Rammstein or just.. any artist.

  • Reply

    It's a regular Blogger blog. When will this be fixed? :)

  • Bump.

  • Various Feed issues

    My feed hasn't uploaded either. I've tried deleting the various feeds but it won't show me all the feeds, only the two I could delete, still telling me I have 6 feeds. And when I try to add feed from reverb nation the page goes blank and does not accept the feed.!/page_object/page_object_blogs/artist_951402

    also blog.myspace/deathapedisco

  • No reply

    As usual, ignores us. :P

  • support sucks.

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