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Do you smoke?

  • oh, and another one. smokers will understand :)

  • Used to smoke cigars, quit in January, used e-cigs for 2 months.

    • vroow said...
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    • 18 Jun 2012, 16:51
    Yes. Pall mall red.

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  • yesh.

    Popcorn playa!
  • No.

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  • not cigs xD

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  • I flinched when a friend blew e-cigarette vapor at me.


  • I hate the smell of cigarettes I can smell them even if they are very, very faraway. They literally make me dizzy and give me a headche. Maybe an allergy or something?

  • No. And never was regular smoker neither occasional. But was trying it.

    • synkro said...
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    • 19 Jun 2012, 00:46
    never have.
    never will.

  • Nope, dislike it a lot..

  • No...but my hand guns do..

    • Asota said...
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    • 20 Jun 2012, 14:48
    Never smoked cigs, while deployed I smoked a cigar at the end of every month as a countdown.

  • no

  • yes,i like a light cigarrete

  • I used to smoke socially now I don't feel tempted one way or the other.

  • I don't smoke.

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  • I used to whilst living away at uni every time me and my friend went out, now I live at home. Go figure

  • Maybe trying it at the age of 5 out of curiosity made me hate smoking.

  • o.o

  • Never. I get my thrills elsewhere.

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  • I have some cigarettes every once in a while, more recently than usual. Probably a habit I shouldn't continue to quickly build :p

  • Mostly when I have had too much to drink I get a craving for a smoke. o_O
    On a daily basis? Nope.

    I will smoke weed tho,but that's very rare anymore since I started working.

  • No, and I can't stand people who do. I look upon smoking as a crutch, and those who indulge the action as weak. No offense to smokers of the board.

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    • sab4279 said...
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    • 26 Jul 2012, 01:47
    No, never.

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