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Best music to study to

  • Best music to study to

    What the best music to study to, go.....


    I said Mew in that thread, still standing by it. Also adding Sigur Ros, they are pretty good for it.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Apr 2009, 12:58
    I would say most ambient, but I honestly wrote most of my papers listening to Trippy Daisy's I'm an Elastic Firecracker...which yeah, is odd.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Apr 2009, 14:29
    I find techno / house music best for working. The minimalism involved and addictive repetetive synths/basslines help me focus. Especially stuff from the Balance and Audiomatique mixes. Lee Burridge and Adultnapper are friends of earphone toting scribblers everywhere.

  • If I study to music its usually the ambient Brian Eno

  • Anything YOU like.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Apr 2009, 16:18
    ShadesOfIce said:
    Anything YOU like.

    There are bands I love that i'd find it difficult to work to, primarily because of how distracted i'd be. Current 93, Miasma TCOHH, etc.

  • i know what not to listen to when studying
    enya = sleep guaranteed


    Shit-faced,Adj. Invincible but incapable.
    Suffering from extreme loss of balance, co-ordination and sex appeal.
    liable to sleep anywhere.
    Babbling incoherently with loss of most bodily functions.
  • ShadesOfIce said:
    Anything YOU like.

    Not if you only like metal and/or hip-hop.

    This track got me focused enough to finish three quarters of my history coursework in about 2 hours:
    Opus 17

  • study music

    i always study to music that i'm crazy about at the time. if you're into the song you'll think of the song and associate it with whatever you study, at least i do. (o:

    "...all eyes on me, in the center of the ring, just like a circus..." -Circus, Britney Spears
  • study music

    I usually used to listen to Tangerine Dream when I used to study because it was so relaxing and it just put me in the right state of mind, plus there are no lyrics at all, just pure electronic. I find it better to study to songs without lyrics because lyrics can often be a distraction for me, and I might start singing (badly) along with it and not concentrating on the task at hand.

  • I don't study now, but I won last year's NaNoWriMo going on (late into the night or early in the morning) on Nightwish, Blind Guardian and Epica.

  • Best Music to study is....''no music''...
    except if the meaning of study is fooling around...

    Join the NEW group which follows, if u believe its name represents you
    I just can't think my life without music...
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 Apr 2009, 17:07
  • Vitamin String Quartet. I've not had to do any studying recently (long story) but VSQ's covers of your favourite bands are great for studying.

    Ein jeder Engel ist schrecklich
  • I generally study to whatever I'm in to at the time.
    Or whatever band's DVD I have laying around if I'm out in the living room :D

    For example, today, I'm studying with Lacuna Coil's DVD playing.

  • God is An Astronaut, Godspeed...., anything ambient.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 Apr 2009, 19:41
    stars of the lid for me :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 Apr 2009, 23:07
    I spent a long period of my high school years (which are about over) listening to pink floyd's album Animals and their song Shine On You Crazy Diamond(Part 1) while studying.....

    sooo relaxing and soothing and takes you to other demintions and realms especially that the tracks are very long and connected.... its like you blend with that music and it becomes the theme of your concentration.

    On the whole i'd say: Pink Floyd, Opeth's soft and deep side,Pearl Jam's sad/grungey music, some relaxing Muse and Nightwish.

  • Boris, especially the Amplified Worship.
    Cleans your mind, freshens your soul. ;D

  • How has no-one said radiohead yet? just not pablo honey or the bends

    I don't celebrate christmas. "I celebrate Atheist free stuff piss up at day", which just happens to be on the same day.
  • Anything really. But for me, Lady GaGa for some reason...her music make time fly xD

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Apr 2009, 19:51
    Omnia. :)

  • Lady GaGa is gym music for me,

    thanks for all the advise,


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