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Songs For A Pregnant Mother

    • Jewce said...
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    • 11 Oct 2008, 21:39

    Songs For A Pregnant Mother

    Hey Everyone!

    I'm in the middle of making a CD for my pregnant cousin and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of some songs about mothers or pregancy or children. any ideas would be wonderful.

    (I dont know the sex of the baby)

    Thanks :)


  • Life by Our Lady Peace 8 )

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  • Danzig - Mother


  • i think your thought is lovely but having had 2 children my self the last thing i would want is to listen to when pregnant were songs about kids and pregnancy, just make the music inspiring and upbeat theres some lovely female vocalist that would relax the mind , but saying that you actualy feel very ripe when pregnant and feel your musical tastes reflect that , well good luck and hope i may have helped .

    ludicone xxx
  • Ramones - The KKK Took My Baby Away

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