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Your music by year

  • Your music by year

    Was just messing around with WMP and noticed I could sort by year which I don't think I'd ever actually done before. I'm sure this can be done all almost any music program.

    The majority of my library is from 2007 (just over 20 hours) and at the bottom was 1961 with only 26 minutes (a single album by Johnny Cash).

  • Have to be very careful with this - Last Fm often tags tracks with latest release date rather than original release. Thus albums from 1971 are often tagged 2010 because that was the last release uploaded.

    Downloading from reputable music stores is just as dodgy, I bought On The Boards recently - originally released 1969, downloaded tag - 2004.

    Thank heaven for AMG and Musicbrainz :)

    I really must get round to creating a cool signature for this box
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