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Music lovers needed for music tagging study

  • Music lovers needed for music tagging study

    I'm a Masters student and I'm conducting a study looking at aspects of how people tag music as part of my research project. I'm looking for people to take part in my surveys.

    It involves listening to song clips and answering a couple of questions about each one. It should take about 20 minutes (you can save it and finish later if necessary).

    Here's the link to the survey:

    Please share this link with anyone who might be willing to take part.

    Thanks very much

    • Alainn said...
    • User
    • 11 Aug 2012, 14:39
    Done, nice diversity in genres.

    • LL4KK said...
    • User
    • 11 Aug 2012, 15:27
    I did half...will finish later...

    • usamike said...
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    • 11 Aug 2012, 16:17

    done, good but incomplete

    i've done it
    it is good

    but you test or experience is incomplete :

    you did not put some soundtrack sample (like titanic or john wiliiams music) to evaluate people tag about instrumental music (you choose to explore only tag about song ? )

    Even, you not put an electronical music (to european for you?) like Techno (emmanuel top or Daft Punk...)

    you missed some country unique music styles (only popular in its own country) to test people tag on foreign and unknew taste like :
    -variété for France
    -arab music
    -hight latina salsa

    so i have already my own idea of what the pool will reveal to you :

    when you like music, people tag the mood tag

    when you dislike music, people tag year or disturbing (sleepy,noisy,boring) tag

    when you know and like music ,people do right tag (cause people like dogs, loves putting some little traces to locate and marks its own index),

    when tou dislike and don't know msuic, people tag wrong at all or nothing. (because they don't want to put time on it at all, and the music is hard to listen to anymore)

    And the more, you have experience oreducation in music, the more you put tag on technical or style information

    am i wrong ?

    but i really do not what is the difference between french tagge and us tagger and indian tagger ?

    will you report be public ?
    must be very interesting to read it !

    good luck and go on !

  • Thanks for taking participating and for the feedback.

    The songs were actually selected at random from the Million Song Dataset and I got lucky that so many genres were covered but that's not actually the focus of what I'm looking at.

    It may become more apparent when you receive Part 2 of the study. Everyone that completes Part 1 will receive an invitation to participate in Part 2. I hope you'll all join in.

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