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Don't works scrobbler with iOS 5 beta

  • EmperorOfMetal said:
    My ipod scrobbles is not working. I tried reinstalling. Doing the zipped file that was mentioned. Can someone guide me step by step to do this? I would gladly appreciate this.

    This. PLEASE

  • just don't get it...

    ok, mine stopped scrobbling from iTunes, but I'm not bright enough to know how to extract and move (have a copy option only) and how to get to the home directory. am i hopeless?

  • scrobbling not working after update

    i downloaded the update for the beta version and have not been able to scrobble since. it tells me no ipod library found

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    • DrBlur said...
    • User
    • 23 Nov 2012, 01:40

    Re: scrobbling not working after update

    hbkaneonite said:
    i downloaded the update for the beta version and have not been able to scrobble since. it tells me no ipod library found

    Same here. So frustrating!

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