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Mac client: 'Soundcard' WTF

    • tzi said...
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    • 27 Apr 2009, 03:43

    Mac client: 'Soundcard' WTF

    Note: Oops. I should've posted this in the feedback forum, and have now done so. Feel free to delete this one.


    The Mac client has an 'Audio' section in preferences, listing soundcard and system. Why does this even exist? Does anybody want to manually select their output device?

    More importantly, why is there not a 'default output' device selection? This breaks applications like AirFoil which set the Soundflower virtual audio device as the system default output device, in order to capture audio and send to remote speakers.

    In order to use AirFoil, one must open up's prefs, manually select 'Soundflower' as the output device, then restart the client.

    It seems somewhat silly not to simply use the standard output device that every other mac app uses. If you insist on having audio preferences (which I personally think is ridiculous and confusing to less technical users), at least give them a sane default.


  • I agree, it's quite uncomfortable to change soundcard or Airfoil source all the time.

    • skhisma said...
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    • 26 Aug 2009, 02:59

    Re: Mac client: 'Soundcard' WTF

    I completely agree. This took my by surprise when my radio started playing through the built-in speaker of my machine instead of the speakers... Why does this not use the system defaults like every other application i've ever used? Very bad form.

    • adno said...
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    • 25 Jan 2010, 20:29
    Count me in. Not only, it does not use the global settings, but it can't be changed without restarting the app. When I disconnect my USB soundcard, falls back on internal speakers, and I have to restart it when I plug the USB soundcard back in to make it play through external speakers.

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