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Is it legal to download music from

  • Is it legal to download music from

    Hi... I have just been warned off from Virgin media as I used to download music, ( not much really ), from Limewire.... it was a threatening letter that also stated it is actually NOT illegal to download music... only from share places like limwwire and others... so........ is it legal to download or not?


    • aphexbr said...
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    • 31 Dec 2008, 10:51
    It's legal to download music that you've either paid for or where the copyright owner has given permission. Most music shared via programs like Limewire don't have the permission to do so, therefore it's technically illegal. is a reputable site, so they have the correct licences for anything you can download or stream here. It's also legal to download free music from sites like AmieStreet, Jamendo,, etc. as well as paid-for music from eMusic, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

    Basically - most major label (chart) music has to be paid for. It's usually pretty obvious whether it's legal or not. if a site or program is offering the current top 40 to download free of charge, it's probably not legal. If you're not sure whether the music's legal, don't download it.

    • fmera said...
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    • 31 Dec 2008, 11:09
    ^^ what he meant to say was, if the track's marked "free download", it's cool.

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