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PLEASE READ before posting in this forum: The Scrobbler

  • PLEASE READ before posting in this forum: The Scrobbler

    Some rules and guidelines to make life a bit easier for everyone here in the Client Support Forum. Thanks for reading :)

    Before creating a thread:

    • This forum is for support with the official scrobbler software, which can be downloaded here. This is not a support forum for other third party plugins, applications or devices that scrobble, please see below for a list of other forums you can use if you have any questions about/problems with these.
    • If you have problems installing the Scrobbler or come across error messages in the software, please read the Scobbler FAQ first.
    • If you are listening to music with the Scrobbler or your media player, but your recently listened tracks don't get updated, please have a read through here first.
    • If you have questions about your profile, library, charts or you have problems with the website radioplayer, please head over to the Website Support Forum and make sure you read the stickies at the top of the page first, especially the KNOWN ISSUES thread.
    • If you have questions about the iPhone and Ipod Touch app, please head over to the official iPhone app forum.
    • Feedback and suggestions should be left in the Feedback and Ideas forum.
    • Write in English, we can't respond to queries in other languages here in the English support forums. There are local language support forums on the international sites, although unfortunately we won't be able to provide official support for you there.

    General information about the Scrobbler:

    The scrobbler is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.6 or later, as well as a source tarball for Linux users. Other operating systems are not supported.

    The scrobbler works with the following media players:
    Winamp 5.x, iTunes, Windows Media Player and Foobar 2000.

    You can also scrobble your iPod and iPod Touch with the Scrobbler. Should you have any questions about or problems with this, please read the iPod Scrobbling FAQ first!

    How to get help!

    If you have problems with your Scrobbler and need help, please remember to provide the following information along with a detailed description of your problem:

    • What operating system exactly are you using?
    • What version of the Scrobbler do you have installed? (Lookup: In the Scrobbler under Help > About
    • What media player are you using, and what version exactly?
    • What's the version of the media player plugin that you have installed? (Lookup: In the scrobbler under Help > About
    • What's the iPod model you are requesting support for? (you can determine your iPod model from here)
    • Do you syncronise your iPod with iTunes manually or automatically?

    Standalone plugins/third party applications?

    The Audioscrobbler standalone plugins are no longer officially supported by us. You are welcome to use them, but please note that we can't issue support for them should you run into any problems.

    This also applies to any other third party plugins or applications, such as iScrobbler, Amarok or Rhythmbox, or any of the other scrobbling plugins you can find here on our Build site.

    Due to them not being developed by us, we ask to you to get in touch with the respective developers or user communities should you have any issues or questions about such third party plugins or applications.

    Unofficial Support Forums:

    Below is a list of where you can find support forums for the old plugins or the most popular alternative Scrobblers. Please note, all support issued in there is voluntarily done by the community.

    Squeezebox: Android:
    Vodafone Scrobbler:
    iScrobbler OS X:
    Media Monkey:
    Pocket Scrobbler:

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