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    Since the last update my client completely ignores the iPod (2nd gen nano) and won't scrobble songs played. I tried removing the iPod from known connections but it wouldn't offer adding it again either.

  • Exactly. No iPod scrobbling all week. I have a Video iPod 30 Gig. Nothing. I plug it in, wait an hour, eject it, wait, plug it in. Nothing. No scrobble. Nada.

  • Same here, I have an Video Ipod 80gb, an I can't scrobble..

    • bsieker said...
    • User
    • 8 Dec 2007, 16:33
    Same version, same story here. It was working well before the update. Now, the lastfmhelper application loads when iTunes is launched, and immediately stops responding. The iPod is never detected. I've uninstalled the client and reinstalled and ended up with exactly the same issue. And, of course, with the helper app not working any more, the new install does not even detect that I have an iPod. I assume that the Helper has a part in that process.

    I'm using the Mac version, btw.

  • snape! same problem for me - i have an ipod video (80gb.)

    it hasnt even been recognised as connected by last fm for aaaaaaaaages (at least a month) and after the update today its recognising as being connected but now saying there is nothing new to scrobble.
    ..which there is.

    i wish this could get sorted.
    i listen to most of my music out n about on the move too. so my charts are pretty lonely week after week when i listen to the odd 2 or 3 tracks on my laptop sometimes.

    is this a problem with the client?
    any suggestions in the meantime?


  • I'm having the same issues, it worked perfectly well before..

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  • bump!

    I went back to using iScrobbler for the meantime...

  • I'm having the issue as weel, but, over the last few weeks (I just did the update a few days ago) I've noticed that it doesn't always scrobble right away.. sometimes I'll plug it in a few times over a few days, then, all of a sudden I'll have some 400 unscrobbled songs... and I think once, the window popped up while my pod wasn't plugged in.

    Is that the same issue, or, am I missing something?

  • Sounds like the problem I've got, except I deleted my iPod from the connections list for some reason, and now I can't add it again :S

  • Most of the above applies to me too. Does anybody know how to re-establish the connection from the Lastfm software to an ipod?

  • Is the ipod support still in beta?

  • Same problem here, scrobbling from itunes directly works fine, but nothing happens when syncing the ipod.
    Might have to go back to the old client version if this problem continues. Unthinkable to go without ipod scrobbling for a longer period of time!

  • Yeah. Mine was working before the recent update. I'm using the Mac version by the way.

  • Not much to add except "me too." LastFmHelper (not responding) in Activity Monitor. Clicked "Remove iPod Connection" and now there doesn't seem to be a way to connect it again. I looked through the client prefs plist (Mac) and I don't see anything in there that's remembering my iPod and that I disconnected it. There was a client beta discussion on another forum where a developer said that it's not actually not responding, Mac OS just thinks it isn't. In any case, something's broken with the latest Mac client's iPod connection. I guess I did have something more to add. ;)

    • FritzKD said...
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    • 11 Dec 2007, 02:23
    Another "me too" Mac user. It was scrobbling fine before the update, now nothing.

    • JDJ said...
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    • 11 Dec 2007, 13:11
    Can we get an update on this issue?

    • sk1bt said...
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    • 11 Dec 2007, 14:16
    same story. ipod, mac user, scrobbled fine prior to the most recent update. now lastfmhelper is in a constant state of not responding.

    • kaspaar said...
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    • 11 Dec 2007, 14:38
    Hi I'm a Mac and i can't scrobble.
    Just like you guys. iPod Classic.

  • ditto!

    at least I know I'm not alone on this matter!

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 11 Dec 2007, 16:41
    Yep same here. LastFMHelper crashes when an iPod is connect so that it cannot recognize an iPod connection. Something happened with the update!


  • Same problems for me. The client with the first Leopard "fixes" ( seems to scrobble my iPod just fine. To bad it has the dock icon issue.

    Anyways. For people who want to scrobble their iPods on Leopard without a hassle (aside from the dock icon showing) here's the download link: "clicky"

    I hope this issue will be fixed soon.

  • still not working for me.

    im not a mac though.



    proper fed up of it now though.

    most likley gunna go back to using isproggler or whatever it was until this is fixed.


    • JDJ said...
    • User
    • 11 Dec 2007, 22:15
    Are there any lastFM moderators in this group?

    Can we at least get a response of some kind to indicate at least someone is investigating and a potential time for some feedback.

  • Seems to me we need three fixes:

    One for mac users
    One for PC users
    And one for people like me who've deleted their ipod connection whilst attempting DIY solutions.

    Moderators where are you, please?

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