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Known Issues: Scrobbler 2.1.36 UPDATED: 03/09/13

  • Known Issues: Scrobbler 2.1.36 UPDATED: 03/09/13

    This is a running list of issues / bugs for the Scrobbler v. 2.1.36 that the team are aware of. Please don't repost any of the bugs listed here, and please do also try to keep things in one thread about any specific issue you may have - thanks!

    Changelog for the version 2 desktop app is here.

    General Troubleshooting Tips:

    • Make sure you are using the latest version from the download page or update when prompted by the Scrobbler
    • You are installing the application on a system where you have administrator privileges
    • Make sure the application has access to the internet via any firewall or security software you are using
    • Check for updates for your chosen media player to make sure it's the latest version
    • Try reinstalling the plugins for your media player, in the Scrobbler, goto File -> Install plugins
    • Make sure the plugins are enabled in your media player e.g. in Windows Media Player go to Tools -> Plugins -> Make sure the plugin is checked

    Scrobbles are cached in the client and won't submit.
    • Re-authorise the app, by going to the Cog icon in the Scrobbler -> Accounts -> Remove the account, then re-start the Scrobbler to re-auth it.

    Unable to execute file: C:\Program Files\\ Scrobbler.exe when upgrading, installing, or running the scrobbler on Windows XP.

    Using an OS older than Mac OSX 10.6 or other unsupported operating system.
    • The 1.5.2 version of the client is still available for download for Windows here and Mac here.

    Unable to authenticate the app with your account

    Error when installing under Windows: C:\Program Files\\QtCore4.dll An error occured while trying to replace the existing file.
    • We're looking into this. In the meantime, make sure any previous version of the Scrobbler is uninstalled before attempting to install the newest version.

    The browser plugin noScript blocks authentication.
    • Make sure the noScript plugin is disabled when trying to install the Scrobbler.

    Entry Point Not Found error when upgrading from beta to full release (windows)
    • Make sure any previous version of the Scrobbler is uninstalled before attempting to install the newest version.

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