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Last fm Radio not available in your country on squeezbox duet

  • Last fm Radio not available in your country on squeezbox duet

    Last fm used to work fine on our Squeezebox Duet in France, but since about 3 days ago, I only get the message "Last fm Radio not available in your country". However, this cannot be right because I am up to date with paying the regular monthly subscription. Also the last fm logo has disappeared from the home menu on the controller. Last fm works fine on my Macbook Pro via its own speakers. I have tried powercycling (re-booting) the squeezebox receiver and controller and doing a factory reset on the controller as well as reinstalling the logitech squeezebox software on the controller/receiver. None of these restored the access to Last fm. So, it seems as if it may be the Last fm/squeezbox interface that is malfunctioning. If anyone can help I would be grateful.

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    Revo AXiS, Ikon, Domino, Heritage and all Logitech Squeezebox products - radio only available to subscribers in US, UK and Germany

    Facet zaprosił mnie do kina i w połowie drogi pyta mnie: "A stać Cię na bilet..."?...i tak ma być.

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