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Onky TX-NR515 - Not able to login / stream in Germany

  • Onky TX-NR515 - Not able to login / stream in Germany


    just recently I got an Onkyo TX-NR515, upgraded my account with a subscription and entered the credentials into the applet of the A/V receiver.

    However, whenever I attempt to connect to, the receiver returns (well, in German) that the service is not available in my country.

    I am living in Germany, have registered using German language and would really like to stream to my A/V receiver

    Onkyo support was not very helpful upto now. Is anyone aware of any issues in combination of the receiver's firmware and the service?

    Thanks for any help in advance

  • Hello,

    Sorry you are having trouble streaming the audio through the Onkyo hardware.

    Your subscription is active and as long as you are connecting through a DE I.P. address, there should not be any issues.

    Check with your network provider or administrator (if you are using a work network to connect).

    Otherwise, it could just be a hiccup with the identification of the account as a subscriber. Changing the password of your account through a couple of times after logging back in with the new password, should allow you to log in to the Onkyo applet.

    By all means, if after this you are not able to use your account through the Onkyo device and you would like a cancellation and refund of your subscription, we would be happy to oblige. Just write to us with a Unique Transaction ID from your Paypal receipt through the Subscription queue on the EN site, here.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • For what it's worth, several users reported a similar problem a few weeks ago, but Onkyo told us they'd fixed it.

    We'll follow-up, but first we need to confirm that the issue isn't on our side.

    We've uncached your account, so please double check your login, and check your network connection and firewall for potential issues. According to our records, you're trying to access the site from a work network, is that correct? If so, you might want to talk with the network administrator to see if they've blocked music streaming.

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