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Certain track won't scrobble, not completely

  • Certain track won't scrobble, not completely

    I have a song by Editors I'm listening to and it won't scrobble but it will. There was a thread I found that's similar to this but it wasn't my problem so I make a new one.
    (correction there's an update on's status page but it was posted 24 days ago so maybe it's outdated)

    So I'm listening to the song, it appears as recently played and it will add one listen to my total counter on the top of the page but it won't add it to the artist's counter. I'm a hundred million percent sure my artist is tagged right. Scrobbler will do everything right except it won't add the play to the number next to the artist.

    "Damn the summer flowers..."
  • What's the song?

  • Nothing (live at Werchter 2012) by Editors I'm playing it right now on my profile. (also, the same song scrobbles properly from my sister's computer)

    "Damn the summer flowers..."
  • Change of situation: now it won't show up as recently played :(

    "Damn the summer flowers..."
  • Update: I re-tagged another song that scrobbles with the same tags the not scrobble-able song has. Same album, same year, same title same everything and now it won't scrobble. Can it be something with the tags then? :/

    "Damn the summer flowers..."
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