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From yesterday on for Windows tracks are skipped

  • From yesterday on for Windows tracks are skipped

    When i pressed Play, several songs are skipped - player trys to play, but unsuccessfully. After few seconds (few skipped songs) player plays wrong song, not that what showed in menu.

    What can i do? It's not first time problem, but in that time it doesn't ends. Second day i have problem with playing.

    love art, poetry and special music
  • Make sure you aren't streaming via your account in multiple locations/from other devices (Xbox/Mobile app/client/website).

  • Hmm, im checked - it's happening only in work, not home. Maybe proxy server problem...

    love art, poetry and special music
  • Sadly i haven't chance to listen desktop in work without skipping songs and scobling wrong songs...

    Someone else has that problem too?

    love art, poetry and special music
  • Problem continues, no changes

    Im bought subscription again and problem is still at work... I should use firefox plugin, but it is not a resolution.

    On my Desktop Scrobbler again:
    When i press "Play", first song in list is skipped, but in fact that song is playing. In result playing first song, but scrobbler shows, that i listen next song. And scrobbler scrobbler scrobbles wrong song...

    Please help me find a solution, Staff. Where can i send log file of Someone must help me, i pay money for service? Perhaps last time i paid money for that service...

    love art, poetry and special music
    • hitch24 said...
    • User
    • 18 Jul 2012, 05:46
    Yep, same problem here too, after a few hours of listening, tracks are skipping ( Desktop 2.1.20 for Windows). I am struggling with this issues since a month or so. Restarting the application doesn't work, restarting the system doesn't work.
    My subscription is running out in 3 days, another reason, besides the missing loved tracks and playlist, not to renew the subscription.....

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